Dear Nazareth, This has been a great day for me and it all started when I picked up a copy of The Home News ( Stopping for a cup of coffee I spent some time paging through this community paper that covers the Nazareth area and the neighboring boroughs and townships. Local news, editorials, sports and social events. I noticed an ad for an art exhibit that was opening this evening. Some of you readers might remember that I met a nice gentleman at the Martin on Main event in August. We have seen each other a few times and talk often on the phone, so I thought it would be fun to ask him to accompany me to this exhibit. Great idea, but I needed courage to make the call. Not always easy for me, but I felt the caffeine kicking in! So before I could talk myself out of it I called him at work, and he was enthused with the idea. So he is picking me up before dinner and we have a date!

All Gussied Up (139 S. Main St. Nazareth) is a 1940’s inspired shop I’ve had my eye on, and I hoped I would find something to spruce up my outfit that I would wear tonight. Kelly is the owner and she was great in suggesting items that would work with my existing wardrobe. I saw a vintage style leopard skirt that would be fun and it fit well and on sale! So many accessories and other clothing items, beautiful necklace and earring sets. Can’t have enough jewelry, and that perfect shade of lipstick!

Looking for a nail salon, I noticed that up the street the Mainstream Salon & Company (2 N. Main St. Nazareth) offers manicures. This hair salon is located in Center Square in a historical home built in 1820.Tammy welcomed me, checked their schedule and fit me in, which was perfect because they had this beautiful shade of red nail polish! The atmosphere is comfortable and upbeat, and I felt so relaxed.

Since I was in Center Square I needed to go to my bank to make a deposit. Earlier this year I opened an account at First Star Bank, and I looked up and my quaint bank had a new sign! In July, First Star Bank officially became part of ESSA Bank & Trust (14 S. Main St.). What a surprise! Jennifer Scanlan is my bank manager and she assured me that very little will change and my banking will continue as usual. I love the convenience of this bank location and the personal service I receive from all the tellers. You are not just a bank account number, and they remember my name!

My date and I arrived at 6:00 p.m. at Nazareth Floral at Donahoe Farms (589 East Lawn Ave.) where the art exhibit by Fran Macdonald ( was being featured. First appearance of the shop from the front parking lot, is that it is very small and quaint. Well it’s quaint but very large shop inside and so many fine quality American made items. We met the artist and had a lovely conversation. Fran explained to us how she enjoys working in watercolor and acrylic media and often works from photographs that she has taken. I was impressed with how she is able to capture the subject with such attention to fine detail. I have photographs from a recent trip to Tuscany that I am commissioning her to paint and then I can hang my “memory on the wall!” Fran Macdonald’s exhibit will continue through the month of October.

We enjoyed a glass of wine from the Franklin Hills Vineyard (3625 Nazareth/Easton Rd. Easton). I loved a selection called Desire, a white grape wine with natural mango. My friend decided on a sweet and fruity blush wine called Catawba. There was also catering by the Daily Grind of Bath (116 E. Main St., Bath). Wonderful plates of mini savory beef or turkey sandwiches, fruity coleslaw, delicate pastry with Caesar salad filling, fruit and cheese, and delicious cookies!

Tina Smith, president of the Nazareth Area Chamber of Commerce,  was serving the wine and she suggested to us to try another wine called Harvest Berry and then eat a piece of chocolate that happened to be in bowls all over the shop. What a wonderful flavor! Chocolate and a glass of wine, life is good!

I loved chatting with you! Pick up The Home News and let me know how your day turns out! “Nosey”

Please contact me through the Nazareth Area Chamber of Commerce,


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