gab over the fence

It has been typical fall weather, nice and cool. Just perfect for this time of year. We had some rain last week, but nothing like the floods they had down in Jersey from that nor’easter. We’re supposed to get rain again on Friday.  A little won’t hurt, ‘cause it has been dry for quite a while. Luckily, that hurricane headed out to sea, more to the east after pounding the Bahamas. It looks like a big freighter went down in the storm and a lot of lives were lost. . . . Let’s hope the weather’s nice for the farm tour all around Northampton County this weekend.  It’s really spread out and will probably take both Saturday and Sunday to see it all.  Good thing gas prices are down. If you didn’t take notice, prices of gas have dropped a bit of late again, this time down to about $2.25 around Bath. I was down in Easton the other day, and saw stations with $2.13 and $2.15 a gallon, so they must be competing with Jersey’s lower prices.  . . . Those Philadelphia Eagles may win another football game this season, if they’re lucky. What a sorry game they’ve been playing with all those new faces. . . .Philly sports haven’t been doing much for a couple years at least – baseball, basketball, and hockey included. It sure is hard on the fans. . . .Nazareth’s Blue Eagles won over the Northampton Konkrete Kids in a good high school game last Friday. . . .All those Turn Bath Pink events are this Saturday, Oct. 10, starting with the run/walk at 9 a.m., the pet parade at 5 p.m., and the auction at 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday at the Bath Fire Social Hall. You don’t wanta miss out on any of these events! . . . .The Christmas tree over at the park on Main Street looks pretty with all those pink ribbons tied to the branches. It’s for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you know. . . . Firefighters in town are getting ready for the Halloween parade on Tuesday, Oct. 20. I’m hoping it warms up just a little bit standing around and watching it at night. . . .Chestnut Street is getting some new businesses. Great to see that activity. We need new businesses in town. Welcome to Bath, folks!! . . . .Didya take notice all those tire tracks on the sidewalk down by the A-Plus?  Man oh man! They’re from tractor-trailers! Anybody walking by there will be crushed as a truck rounds the corner. The handicap access men were working on it on Monday, putting some tar down. Reckon only steel pole would keep the trucks off the sidewalks, like up at Northampton & Walnut Sts. . . .Monday is Columbus Day here in the U.S.A, and up in Canada it’s Thanksgiving Day. . . .Bring on the hot toddy, Elmira. I’m shivering. Or maybe we just oughta cuddle up.  See ya!


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