Well, I’m back. It was a short vacation, but invigorating, so I’m back on the job.  The weather was great, a few raindrops here and there, but pretty darn nice. . . .I hadn’t been downtown, and was surprised to see that Main Street from Walnut Street all the way out to the eastern end did indeed get a welcomed blacktopping.  Now if the powers to be can take care of W. Northampton Street, Barrall Avenue, Washington Street and Penn  Street, we’ll really feel good about our streets. Our tires are taking a beating with all those potholes hanging on from year to year. . . .I see all the markers are down on Thirst Quenchers, so in the months ahead that building will become Bath’s Town Hall.  It has a history of being an Acme Market and Alex Dettmer’s Bath Hardware before it burned down. I remember coming back from a Yankee ball game, the only one I ever attended, when it happened. . . . We had some more history this week – July 9, 1945, the day of the cloudburst that made a big flood in downtown Bath, and the German prisoners of war who cleaned up under the Monocacy Creek bridges afterward, the drowning of the Irkie Rehrig child, and cleaning up the debris and mud in our homes and businesses down town. All that blocked up at the bridges and so water rolled down Chestnut Street a foot deep in minutes.  All that 72 years ago last Sunday, but you don’t forget it when you’re growing up . . . . It was nice to see the Phillies hit six home runs on Sunday. Now they know they can hit long balls. After the All-Star game break, let’s turn this thing around and at least get into a playoff. . . .The home run derby on Monday night was entertaining and the all-star game on Tuesday figured to be a good one as usual . Prediction: NL – 6-5 winners. . . . Hear TP hasn’t gotten to see the IronPigs or Fightin’ Phils yet. What are you waitin’ for buddy – get going already! . . . Good News: Clark Smith is back and playing cards with the Lion “Hearts” gang. . . . Jeff Varju and wife Jessica are back in church with their little boy born recently, and she’s back on duty serving at My Place Pizza. . . . The 4-H Center in Bushkill Township will be a beehive of activity all of next week as another lass studies in person all about the environment. The youngsters have been going to the school since George Kreitz and Ye Ed organized it in 1981. Enjoy the summer everybody!!!


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