gab over the fence

Fall is definitely here, with temperatures dipping into the low 40’s, and the colored leaves falling everywhere.  It was still plenty cold on Tuesday night for the Bath Halloween parade, and folks were wearing their winter coats, and could have used those head and mouth coverings that the professional ball players have been wearing in the playoff games. One forecast I read about said winter might not be as bad as the last two. I sure hope so. Long johns aren’t enough when it gets that cold. . . . Glad to see Betty Fields around town on Monday. She had some time off from care, but is still due for a fifth surgery for her knee. Get well, Betty. . . . Happy 80th birthday to Marie Silfies Fehnel. The family and friends had a big shindig up at Little Moore Church for her on Sunday, including family who came east from Arizona. . . .Nazareth had its Halloween parade in the daytime on Saturday and Northampton will have its Jack Frost parade this Thursday night. The ghosts and goblins are riding high! . . . .Talk about high. That’s what Mets fans are on right now after they took two games right off the bat in New York over the weekend. Now they head to Chicago, where the Cubs hope to revive their bats and at least even the playoff series.  Those Kansas City Royals have given the Toronto Blue Jays the same treatment. They’re playing up in Canada as I’m penning this, but they’re having the same trouble with their bats, and crucial errors, too. If things don’t change, it will be the Mets and Royals in the World Series. . . . Legion gals are having a basket social this week, so the hearts gang hadta take a week off with all those baskets filling up the tables. Herbie Silfies is heading out to Oregon to see his family, so he wouldn’t be around to play anyway for a while. . . . Maybe Warren Henning might cook up a stew or something for the gang, to take time off from all those donuts and Tastykakes they’ve been eating. It would do Clark Smith good, says his favorite Italian, “Chick” Liberto . . . . It’s great that we’re doing our part in town with Turn Bath Pink to help out the American Cancer Society. But I was shocked to see in the paper about a walk-a-thon down in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey that raised about $1.3 million for the A.C.S. in one day. Wow!  Ye Ed tells me that usta be his old vacation spot when he was young, with Jenkinson’s Pavilion and the salt water taffy on the boardwalk. . . . Community campfire up at Bath Firefighters Park this Saturday, I see. Too big for toasting marshmallows, but good to watch, something like a pep rally. . . .Ye Ed’s  been so busy writing up obits lately, he’s taking off for a few days.  No, it’s not on accounta that. He’s flying south for his grandson’s wedding. Enjoy the trip, Bill! . . . .Right now I’m gonna watch those Eagles on TV and hope they can tie those Giants. . . .Then on Tuesday it’s parade time. I hope you enjoyed it, everybody, and hats off to the firefighters for sponsoring it again. See ya!


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