At the Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, October 24, it was announced by Eugene Clater, chairman of the township’s planning commission, that PennDOT will not be allowing Weaversville Road to serve as a truck access. This will prohibit interstate trucks on the township road.

Clater asked that supervisors submit an official request for signs to be posted on Weaversville Road, alerting drivers to this regulation. Supervisors unanimously agreed.

Signs on Weaversville Road were not the only road improvements on the agenda for supervisors. Supervisors also spent time developing a list of roads they would like PennDOT to consider for brake retarder prohibition.

With so many large hills in the township, and frequent truck traffic, supervisors believe this will be an important adjustment. PennDOT will conduct and pay for studies, while the township will be responsible for the posting and maintenance of appropriate signs.

“I think we should definitely start with [Route] 329 because of the big hill there,” said supervisor Dale Hassler.

Other supervisors said Howertown and Seemsville Roads should also be submitted to PennDOT for consideration.

Ultimately, supervisors agreed to submit all state roads, and let PennDOT decide which roads should be prohibited from brake retarder use.

Finally, the township is also eligible for a grant with Monroe County for radar speed signs at Willowbrook and Savage Roads. These solar-powered signs, seen in many other townships and boroughs, use radar to record the speed of passing cars. They then post the speed for drivers to see.

Not only will these signs alert drivers who are speeding, but they will also provide valuable data to officials.

“[It is] a little of a price jump, but it is worthwhile…to integrate [with a] wireless data package…to pull reporting,” explained township manager Ilene Eckhart.

Township residents can hear more about these improvements and others at the next Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting on Thursday, November 9 at 7 p.m.


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