The Allen Township Board of Supervisors granted final conditional approval to Rockefeller lots four and five during their November 28 meeting.

“We are trying to address the township’s concerns,” representatives from Rockefeller told the board.

The two lots add a total of more than 1.2 million square feet of warehouse to the township.

However, there was some debate among supervisors as to the progress of the development.

“You are looking to get this plan approved, but I do not see any dirt being turned down there,” said supervisor Dale Hassler.

The original development plan ordered that all “necessary” traffic improvements need to be made to Airport Road and Race Street before buildings can permit occupants. However, the township must decide what improvements are “necessary.”

Rockefeller asked to scale back its road improvements since weather and other factors have delayed their progress. The Rockefeller team argued that it will have completion adequate for car and truck traffic and will provide security so that all other improvements are finalized in the future.

“In my opinion, it is better to get everything [road improvements] done first,” countered supervisor Gary Behler.

However, Rockefeller argued that FedEx will not accept any road improvements less than what they need to open their warehouse.

Supervisors granted final conditional approval for both plots, under the condition that the financial security is in place.

Other news in Allen Township:

  • Conditional approval was granted for the Dashuta Land Development plan. A dentist’s office will be constructed on the site.
  • Christopher Strohler, Senior Conservation Planner for the Wildlands Conservancy, presented before the Board of Supervisors. He talked about plans for river access improvements to “create a safe and reliable” entrance point for residents to access the river.
  • The township’s zoning hearing board is looking for a resident willing to serve. Township supervisors briefly debated lowering the board number from five people to three, but agreed that a three-person board is more difficult to manage.
  • The December 26 Board of Supervisors meeting has been cancelled, although the board will meet on January 2 at 6 p.m. for a reorganizational meeting.


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