Bad weather on the horizon didn’t stop the Moore Township Land Preservation from their monthly meeting on February 11. The meeting began with the board collaborating on ideas of what to add to their Land Preservation web page. Township manager Nick Steiner plans to update the township website, making it more accessible for resident use. Land Preservation would like to see a list of board member names, an update ranking application for preserved land, facts about land preservation in the township, and an updated article focused on what land preservation is all about.

Board members reviewed applications for West End Road, Scenic Drive, and Monocacy Drive. The new ranking system was put to use, as the board ranked each property on a scale of zero to 133 points. Rankings were based on questions like, “how much farmland and woodland is involved in the property?” “Does the property contain evidence of threatened or endangered animals and/or plants?” “does the property contain streams and wetlands?” and more. Each property scored high enough to be accepted into the preservation process. The Land Preservation Board made a motion to move the West End Road, Scenic Drive and Monocacy Drive properties on to the Board of Supervisors and recommended the properties be moved to a conservancy in order to continue the preservation process.

The Moore Township Land Preservation received an application for a property on Keeler Road. This property will be reviewed and discussed at upcoming meetings.


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