I was delighted when I find out about a gem located at the hillside, a place called Salt Cove Wellness. Here you will find a salt therapy room. If you have never heard of this, let me explain. You get to relax in a room where a machine known as a halogenerator crushes and disperses microparticles of pure pharmaceutical-grade salt into the air. Many people have reported natural health benefits from this, including enhancing the immune system, improving respiratory system, helping the skin, and helping to reduce stress. Although FDA has not issued any statements endorsing this form of therapy, pharmaceutical grade salt is known for having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and it is 100 percent chemical free. At the salt room, you’ll notice the floor and walls are covered with Himalayan salt and the area is also equipped with ventilation and climate control systems.

Business owner Mayra Chartier treated me to a warm and enthusiastic welcome. Those that have met this woman know she irradiates a very positive energy. Mayra started telling how she enjoyed her career as a respiratory therapist for 20 years. She also recounted how she suffered from bad sinus problems constantly and tried many products to deal with that. One day, through a friend, she learned about dry salt therapy, or halotherapy, as it also known. Intrigued by the process, she dove into it more and more, started therapy sessions, and attended seminars on the subject. She stated that after six months receiving salt therapy, she no longer needed to use nasal sprays to relieve congestion. Experiencing this and other benefits made her decide to this bring alternative to the area. Mayra said that throughout her career in respiratory therapy, her goal was for people to breathe better. Her goal has stayed the same, now she is accomplishing that goal through salt therapy. She mentioned in the future plans on expanding into a more integrated wellness center offering more services.

Other services available at Salt Cove Wellness are vibrational sound therapy, singing bowls’ meditation, and Reiki energy therapy. Ask about packages for families with children, girls’ night out and other private events (up to five guests). Classes will be available in October 2019. Electronic gift cards are an ideal gift for your loved ones. Also as a military and law enforcement family, Mayra and her husband offer a $10 discount per Halotherapy session in appreciation for the service provided by members of those branches.

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