New Study Shows Families Are Strong-Enjoying Family Mealtime Together Frequently At Home


(NAPSI)-Hectic schedules and increasing demands continue to impact today’s American families, but perhaps one of the strongest barometers of families is family mealtime. Welch’s Kitchen Table Report shows families are stronger than ever-making time to eat together frequently and enjoying sharing quality time as a family.Parents surveyed report:

• 71% eat dinner together as often as or more today than their families did when they were children

• 75% eat most meals and snacks in the kitchen as a family

• 75% say that, in an average week, they eat together four or more nights

• 84% say that one of their favorite parts of the day is when their family eats together

• Nearly 60% would rather spend time with their family or spouse than receive a $5,000 pay raise, lose ten pounds, go on a Caribbean cruise, or get more sleep.

“It might feel like family dinner is part of a bygone era,” comments Welch’s Health & Nutrition Advisory Panel member and RD, Sarah-Jane Bedwell. “But parents are making mealtimes a priority in order to share a moment with their children. That’s good news because research has shown an association between regular family meals and improved family nutrition and overall well-being.”

Despite the positive trend, many families still face mealtime challenges. Four-in-ten survey respondents cite the lack of time to cook meals, especially healthy meals, as a top barrier to family mealtimes.

“There are solutions to combat common mealtime obstacles,” shares Bedwell. “To help families enjoy more happy and healthy mealtime moments, we created an online toolkit that includes family-friendly meal makeovers, heart-healthy recipes, and more.”

More information: KitchenTableReport.

Data from interviews conducted on behalf of Welch’sÆ using ORC International’s CARAVAN survey.


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