gab over the fence

 Can’t believe how fast this year is going. It’s the second week in June already.   High school and college graduations are moving right along, and the young people will either be looking for a job or setting their sights on more education.  Best of luck to all the graduates as they move on in life. . . .I was driving down in Hanover Township last Tuesday and looked up in the sky and saw a big plane.  It turned out to be a B-29 Flying Fortress from World War II fame.  It looked mighty big ‘cause it was flying low, and I could see its wheels were still down and it had four propellers instead of the jet engines of today. . . .I hear Betty Fields has been hospitalized since February with a hip problem. She’s had a few surgeries at St. Luke’s and has been getting therapy over at Gracedale.  Ye Ed said he didn’t know Betty was ailing until he got a call from Shirley Kopfer Laubach about it the other day.  Sure hope your hip gets better soon, Betty, so you’re up and around again. . . . Happy 97th birthday to Betty Gehring, who now resides over in Whitehall Fellowship Manor. She still comes to Bath on the third Thursday of the month for breakfast with the church gang down at the T & C. This Thursday, there’s gonna be another birthday party for her down there with another group, I hear.. . .Helping to celebrate Moore Township’s 250th anniversary this year, Dick Gable and members of the historical commission are gonna be over at the IronPigs ball game on the 18th for Moore Township night. I hear they still have a few tickets left. You might wanta see if you can buy a couple.  An anniversary t-shirt goes with the game ticket, along with reduced hot dog and beer prices at happy hour, 5 p.m. . . . . Speakin’ of the Pigs, looks like they might be getting that hot shot Aaron Nola who is down pitching for the Fightin’ Phils. Be nice to see him with Cole Hamels up with the big club someday. That is if they don’t trade Cole for some of those so-called top prospects. I hear Boston is interested. I say keep ‘em in Beantown. . . . I hear there has been such a run on strawberries over at the Seiple farm that they hadta close down a few days to catch up with the demand that’s been more than the strawberries ripening. . . . It’s been interesting reading that Carol Heckman has been digging up about Bath history. Some things that happened long before my time. . . . One of the gals in last week’s all-star soccer game over in Whitehall was Abbie Backenstoe, daughter of lawyer Dave Backenstoe, who covers Moore and Lehigh township meetings. . . .Sure is hot and humid outside right now, and from what they say in the weather report we’re gonna get a line of thunderstorms tonight, maybe even a tornado. Let’s hope not. We’ve seen how the Midwest has suffered. . . .Anyhow, keep safe, and have a good week ahead, y’all.


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