gab over the fence

The fall leaves with all their color are just about all down now, so it’s pick-up time for some towns and townships, and clean-up time for everybody who has trees. But that’s fall, the only part that isn’t so great. It’s been pretty quiet around the old berg of late, and that’s all right by me. . . .Eagles fans are happy that their favorite team came out on top of those rival Dallas Cowboys. It was an exciting game, with back and forth scoring on both sides, until the Eagles finally won in overtime. I was pretty much glued to the TV on Saturday and Sunday with all the college and pro football games. . . . Wednesday is Veterans Day, and like I said last week, let’s remember and thank all the veterans who served their country and preserved the freedoms that we have.  Pray for the families who lost loved ones in those battles, too, because their loss will always be remembered. . . . The advertisement that Bensing’s had in the paper last week showed how many veterans around here who have passed away in just the past year alone, all who had served in the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force in the past. . . .Still lots of political signs along the roads after the election last week. Congrats and best wishes to the winners. . . . The first article about the Christmas House Tour around these parts was in last week’s paper, so that’s one more sign that Christmas is coming on fast. The big department stores have all their stuff out already, too.  I’m just taking it slow, and enjoying the fall and the Thanksgiving holiday just ahead. . . .I’ve heard different reports about the winter that’s coming. Let’s hope that it’s better than the last two we had. I like living here where we have the four seasons, but winter’s sure not my favorite.  The young’uns like it so they can go skiing and snowmobiling and all those winter sports, but when you get to be an old geezer like me, fair to middling weather is the best. Some folks head down South, which is fine for a couple months, but I don’t think I’d like it down there all year long. . . .Whatever, have a great week, and take care of yourself, gang!


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