Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

Winter made up for lost time when it snowed and snowed all night Friday and into Saturday, with winds of 40 and 45 miles an hour throwing the white stuff into huge drifts.  We here in the Lehigh Valley topped the snowfall list with 31.9 inches!!  People are still digging out their driveways and cleaning off piles of snow that buried their cars.  It’s been a few years since we had a big snowstorm like this one, and I hope it’s the last for this winter.  Church services were cancelled on Sunday and schools were closed on Monday as all the digging was going on. The school board changed their meeting to Wednesday. And, of course, there were no mail deliveries on Saturday, no matter what the Postal Service motto is about carrying mail under all kinds of weather conditions. Just couldn’t get near the mailboxes, even with all the plowing. Anyhow, on Sunday and Monday the sun was shining, and probably will the rest of the week. So it will soon start melting all of the snow. I hear it really piled up along curbs in downtown Bath and the crews were working on piling it somewhere else on Monday. . . . I didn’t even try shoveling off our walks, just stayed indoors and watched the scenery turn white. It’ll melt off sooner or later. The Essex stayed in the garage, didn’t want it stuck in a drift. . . .Folks down at the Jersey shore got Sandy-type flooding as the ocean was roaring with 20-foot waves at high tides. They’ll have a long time clearing up the debris and cleaning up the damage from, water in their homes and businesses. At least this time, the houses weren’t ripped from their foundations. . . . The snow was kinda fluffy so it didn’t stick to trees or weigh heavy on power lines, but it still was back-breaking to shovel, I’m sure. . . .I see the 4-Hers are selling fruit trees to support their programs. Plenty of varieties are offered, but you hafta order them before February 1st, which is next Monday. Pick-up is on April 25th, but only for a couple hours, between 9 and 11 in the morning, at all their locations in Nazareth, Bangor, Hellertown, Northampton and Tatamy. . . .I hear Supervisor Cindy Miller from up in Lehigh Township is thinking of running for State Representative after Julie Harhart finishes her term in office. . . .Gas was $1.97 last week, but it went down to $1.91 and stayed there so far. Time to fill up the tank. . . .The hearts club gang at the Legion missed “Chow” and Herb Silfies last week, as they were ailing.  “Bear”  missed them, but Harvey took up the slack, and that Italian “Chick” kept giving Clark the queen of spades, and the only way to get over it was to grab another donut. . . .Let’s hope the groundhog has a good report when he comes out of his den next Tuesday. Less than six more weeks of winter!


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