Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

We’re almost at closing out the month of February. And that much closer to the end of winter. Not bad, eh?  Actually, except for that monster snowstorm and some close-to-zero weather at times, it hasn’t been too bad a winter. Even so, I’m ready for spring! . . . . Congrats to Jim and Louise Stout on their 50th wedding anniversary. They used to live in Moore Township, but are now up in Dallas, Pa. I hear they’d like to move back here again if they can find a house that’s suitable. . . . Best of luck to the Konkrete Kids girls’ basketball team, who will be facing Nazareth this Tuesday night in the semi-finals.  They edged out a tough Parkland team last week, 44-42, in the District 11 Class AAAA quarter-finals. Aja Blount, Lauren Sterner, Jenna Rogers and Devon Saul were four of the heroes for Northampton, but it was a total team effort. . . .I have a tough time remembering names, but I hear one fella’s solution is that he calls one person “The Chicken Man” and another “The Pie Man.”  It seems to work. . . .Best of luck to Herb Silfies who’s getting a valve to his heart this week. The nurses will keep his blood flowing all right. . . .Klecknersville Rangers are gonna have a flea market on Sunday, March 6. It’s always wondered me, where, when or how did the term “flea market” originate? Anybody know the answer? . . . .My sympathies to Rev. Jerry Mraz of Northampton on the passing of his wife. . . .I see that the borough is looking for cost estimates from engineers or architects on doing a “re-purposing” of the municipal building (the former Bath Public School that a lot of us as kids attended) or constructing a new building to suit all their needs. Either way I reckon it’s expensive. . . .Those of you who were born on February 29 will have another four-year birthday come Tuesday. At least it keeps you young. Happy birthday! . . . Another terrific crowd came out on Saturday for the Whitetail Deer Classic in Northampton. They probably had the best weather ever. . . . Road crews should be happier this year, with less than usual potholes to fix. . . . Something smells good in the kitchen. Maybe Elmira’s fixing to make a pig stomach dinner. Doesn’t sound good, but you don’t know vat gute is, maybe.  See ya!


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