Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

Sunday is the first day of spring!   We made it through what was a better winter than usual. Now we can sit back and enjoy watching the flowers bloom and hearing the birds sing. The guys with their snow plows can bring out their grass cutters and start looking for some landscaping business. . . . It’s also Palm Sunday, a week before Easter, and when there will be special services in church to mark Holy Week. I hope all the churches are full, not just on Palm Sunday and Easter, but whenever there are services of worship. . . .Saturday afternoon the Bath Fire Co. Social Club and Jim Pasquariello will be looking for folks to spin a wheel to win hams. . . .After church on Sunday, maybe you guys can head on over to the East Bath Rod & Gun Club for their block shoot, with all those hams, turkeys and pork loins for prizes. . . .This is the time to score for a big family meal on Easter Sunday. . . .Took notice in Northampton Mayor Tom Reenock’s proclamation last week that he and local legislators were gonna deliver Meals on Wheels to the elderly and alone on this Monday. I didn’t check with Mayor Fi whether she was gonna get in on it, but she probably did, ‘cause she’s a caring person. . . .I hope all you kids from four to 12 have been coloring the Easter bunny cartoon that Ahart’s Market has been advertising. And don’t forget to join the crowd down on the field next to the market this Saturday morning, March 19. The fun starts around 11 a.m., and George and his workers will be looking to give lots of big prizes away if you get the right eggs. The firefighters usually have their fire truck there to signal the start, and the Easter Bunny walks around so the moms and dads can take pictures of their young’uns with him.  Always a fun time! . . . .Haven’t heard yet from the Bath Area Fish Committee when their kids’ fishing contest will be held on the Monocacy Creek here in town, but it’s usually about the time that trout season opens. Their old standby, Ozzie Moser, has passed away, but there’s a nice gang of helpers that usually show up to help out, so Ozzie can look down from heaven and smile. . . .I almost forgot! This Thursday the 17 of March is St. Patrick’s Day and there will be lots of green everywhere, maybe even green beer. Happy St. Patty’s Day, whether you’re Irish or not! . . . .Gotta go now. Elmira has a shopping list of things she wants me to get so she can get ready for the Easter Day feast for our kin.  Have a great week, and see you all in church!


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