Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

HOT and humid, that’s what we’ve been enduring this week. The “dog days of August” they call it, and that’s what we have. Thank goodness for air conditioners, so you can get outta the sweat for a bit.  It has sparked some thunder and lightning, too, and was a threat to Salem Church’s Peach Festival on Saturday, the Kilts in the Park over Northampton way, the big park cleanup in town, and has caused problems with outdoor sports, mostly baseball.  But that’s summer, so no use griping about it.  When winter comes along, we’ll wish we had some heat like summer.  Vas kumma do! . . . Maybe things will settle down by the time of the Spuds & Suds Festival in town and Community Days up in Moore Township, both the same weekend – Moore Township’s on the 26th and 27th and Bath’s on the 27th. Oh, I almost forgot!!  Little Moore Church up near Danielsville is having a Country Festival this Saturday, the 20th, with all the good eats and things going on. Reckon I’ll hafta take some of that 5-Hour Energy stuff they keep plugging on TV to keep up with all the events that are happening in this part of the Valley. . . .I see the Lehigh Township police have a Beagle dog that needs a new home. I know a local fellow who has a Spaniel named Britt that could use a sister, but I think he has enough to handle with Meadow and Jetta the cattle dog. . . . We’re so shook up these days with terrorist incidents that JFK Airport in New York had people thinking there were shots fired the other day, when all it turned out to be was passengers clapping their hands very loudly while waiting in line as they watched an Olympian doing great.  Anyhow, the summer Olympics are rolling right along and it’s terrific to see all those athletes from around the world competing. Talk about energy!! . . . .The bridge at Airport Road was paved, but they could have gone just a little farther to Hanoverville Road, where it is really bumpy due to bare spots in the old blacktop . . . .With all the electronic contraptions that are being invented these days, it’s tough on us old folks trying to understand how they work.  The instruction books are too wordy, too, and it’s tough to keep up with the words and initials they use. Give me the old days, when life was much simpler. I got a new phone and still haven’t figured out how to get the messages that come in. Gr-r-r! . . . . Good Eagles game on Sunday, except that quarterback Wentz got a hairline fracture when he was pounded to the ground. . . . Think I’ll have another iced tea, and Elmira and I can take turns sleeping on the hammock.  Keep cool, gang!


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