Mr. Michael Jablonski was reared in Reading and attended St. Peters Elementary School, later graduating from Holy Name High School in 1984. He especially remembered Mr. Reardon and Mr. John Gallagher, former teachers who influenced him, Michael also played baseball at the high school.

Michael recalled, “Computers were in their infancy so I decided to enroll in a Reading Computer Technical School to learn the basics of programming. I felt there was opportunity in this relatively new technology.”

The credit manager at the cement plant in Evansville, now Lehigh Heidelburg, informed Michael there was an opening in the Accounts Receivable Department. The plant manager was Mr. John Kline. He remembered, “I was hired by Mrs. Phyllis Zitkus, the accounting manager at the rate of $8.50 an hour.”

Presently, Mr. Jablonski is a plant administrator in the accounts payable department. He said, “the position is both meaningful and challenging as thousands of invoices and millions of dollars are channeled through the department, so the plant can operate in an efficient manner.” He works closely with Mrs. Sue Hess and supervisor senior plant accountant Mr. Lloyd Lutz, both excellent and experienced employees.

They work as a close-knit team. In 31 years, Michael has taken numerous refresher courses to keep up with current trends.

He has been married for 14 years to the former Ms. Gemma Delsignore who holds a very interesting position as Communications Director for the Bernadine Francisan sisters with an office at Alvernia University in Reading.

Mr. Jablonski is a friendly, amiable gentleman who said, “I enjoy my job and life, I am very lucky.” The friendly couple resides in Cumru Township.

We wish Mr. Jablonski and all our friends at the century plant a healthy and productive year. Hopefully I can return to visit the plant again next year.


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