It seemed like the entire Borough of Bath was crowded into the council chambers of the brand-new Borough of Bath Municipal Building during its grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, August 6. Council members and mayors of past and present were in attendance, as were state representatives, members of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, and even Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli.

The new borough building was completed by nearly 90 percent volunteer work, something Liz Weaver of the Chamber of Commerce called “unbelievable.”

State Senator Mario Scavello called the building “the nicest and newest” in the area. It features brand-new technology, a custom-crafted dais, and several historical galleries curated by the Bath Museum.

“[There is] 275 years of history on your walls,” continued Senator Scavello.

The names of the volunteers and local businesses who dedicated over a year of their lives to the new building will forever be inscribed in a commemorative plaque hanging in the building’s lobby.

“[They] dedicated hours, weekends, [and] nights spent here,” said Mayor Fiorella Mirabito.

Mayor Mirabito thanked all of the volunteers by name. They include Manny Mirabito, Andrew Ehrgott, Mark Saginario, Anthony Kovalovsky, Joseph Andrews, Jimmy Pasquariello, William Yob, Brett Fisher, Jordan Weist, Paul “Junior” Connolly, Nikolas Krause, John Ashworth, Charles Tully, Darin Stout, Donald Remaly, Jason Jaquillard, Jody Betz, Andy Manucci, Dave Swanson, Jr., Greg Dillard, Nicholas Mirabito, and borough manager Brad Flynn, who Mayor Mirabito called “the most dedicated borough manager we have ever had.” Flynn, recognized as 2018’s Borough Manager of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce, received special honors from Senator Scavello and State Representative Marcia Hahn for his contributions to the borough.

“[You have] rightly earned the respect and admiration of friends and colleagues,” they told Flynn.

Local businesses and contractors were also recognized for their generous contributions and donations, which ensured no tax increases fell on borough residents due to the new building. These contractors include Sean Beck from Dun-Rite Electrical, Jim Hicks from J.H. Paving, Rick Meyers from Meyers Concrete, Nikolas Krause from Krause Concrete, Umberto Pasquariello from Pasquariello Property Management Services, Paul Connolly from Bath Supply, Gary Gower from G&L Sign Factory, Craig Ashwood from Ashwood Construction, Inc., and Tina Liskanich from T&D Construction Cleaning.

“We called everyone we knew and this group of people just came together,” said Saginario.

“This facility today…is a tribute to the folks here,” said D.A. Morganelli.

In addition to the ribbon cutting, Senator Scavello and Representative Hahn presented a Certificate of Recognition from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the borough. There was also a special musical performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” by incoming fourth graders at Sacred Heart School.

The evening truly was a community affair, one the borough was eager to share with residents and one Mayor Mirabito could not help but praise for helping make Bath “this beautiful borough I am so very proud to call mine.”


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