During its meeting on November 29, some Northampton council members expressed concerns about new rental properties in the borough.

Councilman Anthony Lopsonzski, Sr. was most vocal about his displeasure with the Catholic War Veterans property on Newport Avenue, which was turned into apartments, intended for veterans earlier in the year. Currently, it has four to five units occupied. The oldest resident, Lopsonzski, Sr. says, is 26, and none appear to be veterans.

“We were sold a dead horse,” he said.

He complained of the inadequate parking and a light illuminating an empty pole.

Lopsonzski, Sr. also voiced his concern about the Central Building apartments on Main Street.

“The driveway has no business being the way it is,” he said. “Someone is going to get killed.”

The exit for the property’s parking lot is currently on Main Street. Lopsonzski, Sr. argues Main Street should serve as the property’s entrance.

The issues facing these latest properties in the borough leave Lopsonzski, Sr. wary of the Tama apartment building, which is currently in development. He says there have been no reports of substance from the developer.

“I think we will have some fun up there if that is not watched properly,” he warned.

In other news, council voted to approve changes to the police agreement for 2019 through 2021. These changes include a four percent salary increase, sick leave of $130 per day, and a pension of five percent. No changes have been made to healthcare. The Police Bargaining Unit has agreed to all changes. All councilmen and women were in support of the changes, except Councilman Robert McHale.

Finally, council reviewed some line items in the 2019 budget. These included funding for the fire department, which will have most of its comprehensive plan requests granted. A grant is being drafted for an all-terrain vehicle. In addition, the budget also shows a decrease in street construction funding due to extensive work by UGI in 2019. The budget, which is still being finalized, will not include a tax increase.


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