At last week’s borough meeting, council agreed to continue using PNC Bank as their designated bank for borough fund depositories. This decision was passed.

There was a resolution establishing fees for filing applications, permits, and licenses for the borough of Northampton. All information stayed the same except that Northampton will now be using a third-party inspection agency. As a result, application fees for building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits have been raised in order to cover the cost of inspections.

A resolution authorizing the appointment of a sewage enforcement officer and an engineering firm was completed. Stephen Turocsy was appointed as the individual for sewage enforcement. The borough appointed Lehigh Engineering as the engineering firm.

There was one applicant to be appointed to the Northampton Zoning Hearing Board. Gerome Kroboth was reappointed to this position. Bernadette Klucsarits’s term on the Board of Health for the borough of Northampton had expired. She was reappointed. Cyndie Carman and Robert McHale’s terms were expiring on the borough planning commission. Both individuals were reappointed. The current term holder of the municipal authority board did not wish to be reappointed. The successful appointee was Anthony Lopsonzski.

Victor Rodite, community planner and grant writer for the borough of Northampton, approached borough with a conference he wishes to attend in California. Rodite offered to pay for his transportation, registration, and meals but asked that the borough pay for his sign-up fee. This was approved.

The rental inspection ordinance that was passed last year was effective at the start of 2019. The borough has experienced many questions about the ordinance but has not run into any issues. Council will continue to work with those who have questions.

The payment of bills was approved. Northampton borough council will hold their next meeting on January 17.


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