During their February 26 meeting, Allen Township Supervisors granted preliminary plan conditional approval to Jaindl-Watson’s warehouse development between Seemsville and Howertown Roads.

“We think we have the best possible project for the land that we own,” said David Jaindl.

Jaindl addressed residents’ concerns about traffic before the board approved the plan. He said estimates that there will be an additional 3,000 trucks are high estimates, about “three times” what actual numbers will be.

He also addressed concerns that supervisor Dale Hassler expressed during the supervisors’ last meeting. Hassler said the warehouses were so far removed from major highways that he did not understand why Jaindl would build them there.

“The warehouses go where the land is zoned for it,” said Jaindl.

He said 80 percent of warehouses come and go onto two-lane roads, and 95 percent of their warehouse space is occupied.

“Unfortunately, [the land] was zoned like that by a previous planning commission and board,” said Hassler. “Shame on them.”

“You answered questions, but you did not satisfy anybody,” he added.

Jaindl also listed a series of improvements to the plan he believed would benefit the township.

He said berms are “above and beyond” what is required. A southbound turning lane onto Route 329 was voluntarily added. Buildings, he said, are going to be “visually appealing” and will feature overnight parking where trucks can plug in. Developers will also be extending Mud Lane’s waterline and will be donating 40 acres of recreational land to the township (as opposed to the required 5.6 acres).

“We are going to continue owning this project for a long time,” said Jaindl. “We want to make it the best it can be.”

This is Jaindl-Watson’s first venture into building and owning a warehouse.

Before approving the plan, supervisors made several additional requirements. They asked for a mast arm to stop truck traffic from entering onto Howertown Road. They also asked Jaindl to revisit the southbound turn lane when the final building is occupied to see whether they can acquire a right-of-way. Finally, they asked Jaindl to make a cash contribution to the township for park renovations since some of the land Jaindl donated consists of unusable wetlands.

Jaindl agreed to all requests.

Supervisors granted approval 4-1. Dale Hassler was the only supervisor to reject the plan.


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