During East Allen’s March 13 Board of Supervisors workshop meeting, Robert Toedter, a consultant for Keystone Cement, sought a letter of acknowledgement from supervisors to support the cement company’s move away from coal power.

Currently, the company burns 60,000 tons of coal per year to help operate its plant. This coal is supplied by 3,000 trucks, running 6,000 trips.

Toedter said making the switch was a “no brainer” considering all of the truck traffic Keystone could get off the roads.

Toedter said the Marcellus shale area is making gas more accessible. Keystone Cement is seeking a grant from the Department of Community and Economic Development to help make the switch.

The gas line will follow west of the railroad tracks, cross under Jacksonville Road, and eventually break off into three lines.

In addition to decreasing truck traffic, natural gas will also help extend the nearby quarry’s resources for another 80 to 90 years. It will also allow for better chemistry and consistency with the cement product.

Supervisors were supportive of this switch.

In other news:

During their meeting, supervisors denied a hearing for a zoning change to 7200 Airport Road, which is the site of Lucky Strokes golf course. Developers were seeking a zoning change to support commercial and residential development.

Solicitor Joseph Piperato said the township is “not obligated” to hold a hearing, but “should deny it sparingly.”

All four supervisors present agreed to deny the hearing.

Supervisors also chose not to appeal the Zoning Hearing Board’s decision to approve a change that would allow a used car lot to move into the site of the former Timberline Inn on Route 512.

“We do not have a lot of footing,” said Supervisor Roger Unangst.

Piperato warned it would be difficult to meet the legal standard of an appeal. Meanwhile, Supervisor Don Heiney, who is also a member of the planning commission, said that the commission placed several conditions on the property that will keep it in check.


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