From awkward question and answer sessions to family feuds with the in-laws, finding love really is like an episode of your favorite game show. Movement Theater and the Nazareth Acting Company showed just how true that statement is in their adult Valentine’s Day comedy production of “Love is Like a Game Show,” directed by Catherine Little and Rick Kerner.

Movement Theater in Nazareth was turned into WNAC TV Studios and theatergoers became a live studio audience sitting in on  tapings of “The Love Game” and “Family Freud” (think “Family Feud” if it was hosted by Dr. Phil). Throughout the evening, the cast hilariously showcased the highs and lows of any relationship.

“The Love Game,” an original play written by Mandy Mershon, was a new take on the ‘70s classic, “The Dating Game.” With five mystery bachelorettes to choose from, bachelor Henry hoped to find love.

However, it quickly became evident that Henry may have some trouble finding his happily ever after. From a bitter ex-girlfriend to one contestant who had more than men on her mind, the contestant pool grew smaller and smaller. Each bachelorette fled from the stage with an applause-worthy speech on why they did not need Henry to be happy, leaving Henry alone with a single rose and no one to give it to.

The second act was a production of “Family Freud,” written by Barbara Litt. Julie and her father Ryan faced off against Jeffrey and his mother Suzanne. Julie and Jeffrey had been married for over a decade, but were on the verge of divorce. It was up to show host Dr. Phyllis to bring them back together. However, it was the bickering in-laws who ended up reuniting the children…much to their dismay. With electroshock buzzers, inflatable hammers, and plenty of beeped-out curses, this was not your average episode of “Family Feud.”

Litt, from New York, was in the audience to see her play performed. It was the first time the play had been produced on stage. She enjoyed seeing her words come to life.

A former teacher, she got into playwriting and acting following her retirement. She is now a member of Actors Equity and SAG-AFTRA.

“Theater has a way of reaching out and transforming people’s lives,” she said. “It is magic.”

Theatergoers definitely got a taste of magic throughout the evening, whether it was the magic of love at first sight, the magic of coming together, or the magic of realizing that a significant other is not the only way to be happy.   

The Nazareth Acting Company and Movement Theater perform several productions a year of both well-known and new, original plays. For tickets and information, visit



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