From County Executive Lamont McClure 

“We are providing the following information to give our residents the maximum amount of information permitted by law and in keeping with sound epidemiological standards,” says Lamont McClure. “It is a sad and grim duty to report this data, but we continue to do so, so that our fellow residents have the information they need to make sound decisions.  We are very near the time when our infections are supposed to peak. This is not a time to be complacent. Please continue aggressive handwashing, mask wearing and social distancing. You will make all the difference in the County if you do.” 

Please note that this data comes from the Northampton County Coroner’s office and only reflects the number of people who have died of COVID-19 within the county’s borders as of April 15. It does not reflect those Northampton County residents who died of the virus in another county. Two of the thirty deaths recorded were residents of other states. 

Municipalities in which the 30 decedents lived:

Forks Twp. (1)

Lower Nazareth Twp. (2)

Bangor Boro (1)

Palmer Twp. (8)

Upper Nazareth Twp. (4)

Williams Twp. (1)

Nazareth Boro (1)

Bethlehem Twp (7)

City of Bethlehem (1)

Washington Twp (1)

City of Easton (1) 

Phillipsburg, NJ (1)

Bronx, NY (1)  

Average age of the Deceased: 79.3 years. 

Gender of the Deceased: 60 percent female/40 percent male. 

Race of the Deceased: 73 percent White, 13 percent African American, 10 percent Hispanic, 3 percent Asian/Pacific Islander.

The GIS department has put together a dashboard to track COVID-19 infections and related deaths in Northampton County. It can be accessed at:

Please note—the 30 unfortunate victims of COVID-19 do not provide enough data points for a statistically significant sample. Younger people remain at significant and serious risk, and should stay-at-home. All Northampton County residents should continue to practice social distancing. This information is being provided as they are the facts as they exist on the ground as of today. These profound losses to our community do not provide us with enough scientific evidence to draw any conclusions.


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