Just over a year ago, two groups in the community came together and decided to collaborate on a community garden. People Standing Up, whose mission is to help the community and make it a better place to live, and Change on Main in Northampton joined forces to bring the idea of a community garden to life.

Change on Main is a recovery resource center helping people with addictions and is funded by the County of Northampton. Change on Main, located at 1830 Main St. Suite 3, was established in Northampton July 2018.

Change on Main director Brian Sabo said, “The garden is grant funded. We got a grant [to proceed] and the Borough of Northampton gave us the land at 1602 Canal Street and assisted with the erection of the fence [surrounding the garden].”

“We just started planting a week ago. We have tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli and beans [to name a few]. We could always use more plants, more vegetables, more seedlings. We’re also looking to put rose bushes along the fence to deter people from jumping the fence,” said Sabo.

The community-based garden will be tended by different volunteers throughout each day, and will be maintained by Change on Main and People Standing Up volunteers for years to come.

All of the proceeds from the garden will be donated to the Northampton Area Food Bank.

“We can literally just wheelbarrow the proceeds across the street [to the food bank],” said Sabo, “It’s a blessing in disguise.”

Anyone who would like more information in regards to Change on Main in Northampton may call 484-272-7873. For more information on People Standing Up, their “group” may be found on Facebook. They’re always looking for more volunteers and the best way to get involved is to reach out via Facebook.

Their goal is to make the borough of Northampton a better place to live. Sabo expressed his mission, “Part of my mission is to break the stigma of addiction, in doing that I want to give back to the community. Part of recovery is giving back. What’s better than helping the less fortunate?”


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