During their meeting on October 22, the East Allen Township Board of Supervisors looked ahead to the future of the township. A variety of grants have become available and the 2021 budget was released, outlining what residents can expect come the new year.  

A Northampton County COVID response grant for $475,159 was awarded to the township on October 1. The money will help the township pay for protective equipment and respond to emergency efforts related to COVID-19. 

“I think it was an amazing feat that was attained,” said Supervisor Mark Schwartz, thanking township manager Brent Green for applying for the grant. “It will be money well spent…to protect the residents.”

Another grant awarded to the township was the Monroe County LSA grant. This $60,000 will help the township replace its public works pickup truck. 

During the October 22 meeting, supervisors also got their first look at the proposed 2021 budget, prepared by Green. The budget predicts $2,445,975 in revenue and $2,369,120 in expenditures. This leaves the township with roughly $76,000 to put toward new projects. Green asked supervisors to put together a list of where they would like to see the money spent.  

The biggest drivers of revenue included taxes (with no proposed increase) and recreation programs. Green said the township is looking at a farmer’s market and movie-in-the-park program for 2021. 

Some of the biggest expenditures are facilities. The township is looking to expand its salt storage shed to make room for more equipment. 

Green said the township will cut contributions to several local nonprofits, except the library. About $5,500 annually is given to the library. This is “very affordable” said Green, considering some municipalities spend over $100,000 on their library. Instead of monetary contributions to other nonprofits, Green said the township could offer its facilities or advertising services so “we do not have to arbitrarily choose [who to donate to].”

Noticeably, the future of COVID-19 and the unknowns it presents were not present in the budget. However, these are not expenses the township expects to pay out of pocket. 

“We will not budget for [COVID expenses] as long as they are covered by disaster or emergency assistance,” said Green. 

Supervisors are set to vote on the budget at their next meeting.


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