The Moore Township Board of Supervisors met at 6 p.m. on June 1 at the Township Recreation center to discuss the livestock ordinance and the traffic impact study along 512. Due to the high costs of the traffic study and the expected minimal return, the Board of Supervisors decided not to do the traffic impact study on Route 512.

“Based on the fact that if the golf course gets developed, that’s basically the only thing along that corridor to develop,” Richard Gable, township supervisor, said. “We would be spending $80,000 to $100,000, and we are never going to recoup that kind of money.”

The Board of Supervisors voted 3-0 for a separate traffic study to be done along Dell Road to hopefully help reduce the amount of commercial vehicle traffic the road receives. The expected cost of the study is $3,000 to $4,000.

Also discussed was the livestock ordinance. A township resident asked how the township will differentiate between a farmer who may have an animal wander from the property once every few years and something that’s an actual problem, such as the “goat problem” which originally sparked discussion of a livestock ordinance. 

“Everyone in the township who has livestock must keep their livestock on their property,” David Backenstoe, township solicitor, said. “If there is a one-off, Bob Smith owns a couple of goats, and one of them gets away in 10 years, I am going to ask the Chief, is that the type of person who is going to be cited? Or are you just going to give them a notice and keep the goat on the property?”

Police Chief Gary West agreed with Backenstoe that a one-off incident wouldn’t be the type of person to be cited.

“There is a state law that says your dog must be under your control at all times,” West said. “There are plenty of dog violations that we investigated. I don’t know, maybe four or five total that we have actually cited someone for. Simply because it wasn’t the first time we have captured that dog,” explained West. 

The Board of Supervisors passed a motion to advertise the livestock ordinance.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be at 6 p.m. on July 6 at the township building.


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