The Moore Township Planning Commission met on Monday, August 23 to provide an update on the Southmoore Golf Course property and other plans. 

Plans for the Southmoore Golf Course property are still in the very early stages, but include two proposed warehouses on a portion of the property. The planning commission approved a motion to accept the plan for review by the township engineer; the plans will also be available for reference on the township’s website. Once the plans are accepted, the township will have 90 days to review the plan and determine if it meets township zoning, subdivision, and land ordinances. 

The warehouse sketch plan was originally presented at the June 28 planning commission meeting, where it was met with fierce opposition. Residents cited a multitude of reasons for their opposition including increased traffic and pollution, which would disrupt the rural community and natural environment in the township. 

Because of this, township residents pushed for a stricter warehouse ordinance. 

Township Solicitor David Backenstoe drafted an ordinance that changes warehouses from a by-right permitted use to a conditional use, and requires increased berms and buffers, truck driver lounges, and off-street loading/parking. 

The ordinance was reviewed by both the planning commission and board of supervisors; it will be voted on by the board at their September 9 meeting. 

Also discussed at the meeting were two special exception plans. 

The first plan pertains to 501 Monocacy Dr. The applicants plan to use the property for a septic business, rather than the trucking operation that used to be run there. 

Backenstoe explained that the current use of the property is a lawful, non-conforming use; this means that the use was there before zoning went into place. Township ordinances allow non-conforming uses to be changed to other non-conforming uses, as long as it is no more detrimental to the public.  

The second special exception plan relates to 1096 Smith Gap Rd. Residents wish to replace an old mobile home with a newer one of similar dimensions. 

The planning commission motioned to forward a recommendation letter for both plans to the zoning hearing board; the two plans, in addition to a cease and desist, will be discussed at the September 1 meeting. 

The Moore Township Planning Commission will hold their next meeting on Monday, September 27 at 7 p.m. in the Klecknersville Rangers Fire Company building on Mountain View Drive. 


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