The East Allen Township Board of Supervisors met on Thursday, August 26 to discuss the Weaversville Road curve realignment and the township’s involvement in road hazards. 

Township engineer Jim Milot discussed the Weaversville Road curve realignment project. The project is only in its very early stages, and most likely will not reach construction for another 10 to 15 years. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is behind the project and was seeking the township’s input on various plans. 

Five different plans were presented to the board. 

The first option, being the least costly and intrusive, only slightly changes the road’s curve. The second option would make Weaversville Road completely straight; this option would affect many residents and the airport property. PennDOT called Option C “desirable and most advantageous” in that it does not take any properties and accomplishes the project’s goals. This option would also eliminate truck restrictions on Weaversville Road. 

Option D placed a roundabout in the area and the final option is similar to the second, but avoids the airport property. 

The board motioned to allow Milot to inform PennDOT that they prefer the third option, with his amendments to make it less intrusive for residents. 

The board’s discussion on road hazards was also a carry-over from their previous meeting. 

At the meeting, the board discussed potentially cutting down trees that are affecting sight distance on a private property at the owner’s expense. 

This prompted a discussion on the creation of a township policy and ordinance on road hazards. Currently the township has nothing written down on the matter. The township tends to send letters informing the property owner to do something about the issue; if the resident does not take action, the township will trim the trees or weeds themselves, but they have never removed an entire tree. 

Supervisor Georgiann Hunsicker expressed that she wanted to be fair to all residents of the township and suggested the creation of a committee to further discuss a road hazard policy and ordinance. 

Eventually, the board decided to bring the topic up once again at their September 23 workshop meeting to allow board members to further research a potential policy. 

In other business, the board approved a waiver request regarding frost footings after the motion deadlocked at their previous meeting. 

Three 12-inch frost footers, as required by PennDOT, were installed in October 2018. After East Allen Township notified the construction company they require 30-inch footers, the correct ones were installed. However, the three 12-inch frost footers in question are still in use, causing the need for a waiver request. 

Two representatives from the Airport Road Lot 1 Warehouse project presented an approval letter from Northampton County stating that they were aware of the 12-inch footers, and having no issue with them being there. This was just what the township wanted to feel confident in approving the waiver request.  

The East Allen Supervisors will meet on Wednesday, September 8 at 7 p.m. in the municipal building, 5344 Nor-Bath Blvd., Northampton.  


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