During their September 13 meeting, the Allen Township Board of Supervisors reviewed the sewer planning module for the proposed elementary school on Route 329 in East Allen Township. Because the development’s sewer must run through East Allen Township, Allen Township, and Northampton Borough, the township must sign an inter-municipal agreement with the neighboring communities. Before that time comes, however, supervisors have several questions regarding the ownership and maintenance of the sewer line. 

The school district proposed 13 EDUs, which the township has confirmed it has the capacity for. A private pump station will be on-site, with a sewer line running 20 feet through East Allen Township until it enters a manhole on Seemsville Road. From there, the line will go through Allen Township into Northampton Borough. 

Supervisors have concerns over who would own the manhole, technically located in East Allen Township. 

“I may have a problem if we are maintaining pipes that are not in our…boundary,” said Supervisor Gary Behler. 

Supervisor Dale Hassler agreed. “Allen Township should only be responsible…once [sewage] is free flowing on our side of the road,” he said. 

Engineer Andrew Martin explained that manholes are transition points in sewer line ownership. A municipality cannot claim ownership of a sewer line in its middle, so engineers and developers use manholes, which means some towns may own lines outside their borders. Martin recommended that the township at least monitor the manhole in case there is damage or a break.

Hassler said his feelings were still “mixed.” 

“Our crew should be responsible for just the pipe in Allen Township,” he said.

Township Solicitor Lincoln Treadwell recommended that the developers and engineers return with a map so supervisors can review and discuss the line before an inter-municipal agreement is signed. 

In related news, supervisors passed a resolution setting the new sewer tapping fee at $1,300. 

Supervisors also approved the application for a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection grant to help the township pay for leaf collection equipment. Due to population growth recorded by the 2020 census, the township must provide curbside yard waste pickup by mandate. 

Township Manager Ilene Eckhart said the township has a good chance of obtaining the grant due to this mandate. DEP will fund 90% of the grant, while the township will match 10%. Eckhart hopes to acquire a self-contained leaf collection truck and collection containers with the funding. 

Supervisors also officially selected a name for the township’s Lehigh River property. The future park property will be called the Allen Township Riverview Preserve. This name won the most votes from residents. 

Finally, supervisors approved trick or treat 2022 for Monday, October 31, from 6 to 8 p.m. The rain date will be Tuesday, November 1. 

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be Tuesday, September 27, at 7 p.m.


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