The Allen Township Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, October 25 to hold hearings for a stormwater update ordinance and Parks and Recreation Board ordinance, as well as to discuss the 2023 budget, appointing Parks and Recreation members, land development and subdivisions, the Tucker Toy Run, the purchase of an enclosed trailer, and a debit card program for the sewer account.

To begin, supervisors held a hearing for a revision to the existing stormwater management ordinance under Chapter 8 of the code, which will bring stormwater regulations up to MS4 requirements and also makes it more consistent with what the conservation district requires. 

Township Engineer Stan Wojciechowski explained that the ordinance will update the language of the existing ordinance and a paragraph was added “to identify that when subdivisions come in, they must prepare stormwater management and basins have to take care of requirements for all of the impervious coverage on each lot.”

The board unanimously approved to take action to update the ordinance.

Next, supervisors held another hearing regarding an ordinance for the creation of the Allen Township Parks and Recreation Board, which will consist of nine members. However, the board will not have any authority to make financial purchases or enter into any contracts. Their role will be to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.

The board voted unanimously to approve the Parks and Recreation Board.

The board also voted unanimously to formally approve the following Parks and Recreation members effective Jan. 1, 2023: two seats for a one-year term – Louise Bugbee; two seats for a two-year term – Mary Austin and one individual wishing to remain anonymous for news purposes; two seats for a three-year term – Maria Bonnett and Adrienne Ibarra; two seats for a four-year term – Gary Behler and Paul Link; and one seat for a five-year term – vacant. Two members are still needed to fulfill the ordinance.

In other news, supervisors voted unanimously to adopt the 2023 budget with the current millage remaining unchanged.

Regarding the proposal for the Howertown and Kreidersville Covered Bridge parks master site development plans, the supervisors have received two responses to their request for proposal and have decided they will conduct interviews to determine the desired firm in the next month or two as time permits.

Next, supervisors discussed the Northampton County Bodnarczuk preserve subdivision of approximately 40 acres of land. The property will be subdivided into two lots, with lot one being preserved and possibly made into a park, and lot two remaining under current ownership. The applicant requested three waivers and a non-building lot waiver, which the Planning Commission recommended for approval to the board. 

Supervisor Gary Behler referred to the purchase of the lot as a bargain price for the county and very valuable. 

The board unanimously voted to approve the plan, subject to the conditions outlined in the October review letter.

Following, supervisors unanimously voted to approve the request for fire and police assistance for the 12th Annual Tucker’s Toy Run on November 5 at 12 p.m. where motorcycles will ride from the parking lot of the Tri-Boro Sportsmen Club to St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem to drop off toys and gifts.

The board also unanimously approved the purchase of an enclosed trailer for the Sewer Camera and Deployment System and associated tools required for responses throughout the township. The trailer will cost a total of $6,109.87 and will be purchased through the township’s sewer funds.

Last, supervisors voted unanimously to approve authorization of the First National Bank Debit Card for the township’s sewer account. Previously, anything purchased through the sewer account required transfers between funds from other accounts. Now, the sewer account will be able to make purchases using their own debit card.

Due to the election, supervisors held their first meeting of the month on Tuesday, Nov. 1. Their next meeting will be Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 7 p.m. at the Allen Township Fire Company, located at 3530 Howertown Rd.


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