Bethlehem native Daniel Roebuck will once again be filming a movie in the Lehigh Valley, this time bringing Christmas cheer to his hometown and some neighboring locations, including Kiffle Kitchen in Bath.

On Monday, November 13, Roebuck announced during a news conference at Hotel Bethlehem that he will be filming his next film, “Saint Nick of Bethlehem,” right in his hometown, the Christmas City.

Roebuck said his inspiration behind his next film actually came from a Hallmark movie, “Miracle in Bethlehem, PA,” to be released this December.

“I was so excited to hear this news and then confused when they said they were shooting it in Winnipeg, Manitoba,” said Roebuck.

The first scenes of “Saint Nick of Bethlehem” were shot on Monday at the Snow Goose Gallery on Main Street in Bethlehem. Filming will continue at other various Bethlehem Main Street businesses, Historic Hotel Bethlehem, St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital in Fountain Hill, the Star of Bethlehem, Christkindlmarkt, and a Bath bakery, Kiffle Kitchen.

“Danny came to us a little while back with an amazing script for ‘Saint Nick of Bethlehem’ where kiffles would have a heavy presence. He wanted to use Kiffle Kitchen’s kiffles; we were thrilled and agreed!” said Nick Kociolek, CEO of Kiffle Kitchen Bakery.

Roebuck rolls kiffles at the bakery’s production facility, 2016

Kociolek originally met Roebuck over the phone when he would place his holiday orders with the bakery. A few years ago he started visiting them personally in-store whenever he was in town.

“[In 2016] we even had him come back and roll a few kiffles in the production facility!” said Kociolek.

In addition to featuring the bakery’s kiffles in the film, a short scene from inside the retail shoppe will be filmed on Wednesday.

“My family and I, along with all of our staff, are extremely excited about this amazing opportunity to work with Danny on what is going to be one amazing holiday flick!” said Kociolek.

Other productions by Roebuck with Lehigh Valley roots are “Lucky Louie,” “The Hail Mary” and “Getting Grace.”

“Saint Nick of Bethlehem” will be a collaboration between Roebuck and Spencer Folmar, a filmmaker based in Pennsylvania. The movie is scheduled to be released by Christmas 2024.


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