During their meeting on November 8, the East Allen Township Board of Supervisors voted to advertise the 2024 preliminary budget. The budget proposes no tax increase for the new year, with the millage rate remaining at 6.5 mills. East Allen Township residents have not seen a general tax increase since 2006. 

The township, said Manager Brent Green, has been “fiscally responsible” and thoughtful as to where and when municipal money is used and how grants can help offset the costs of many township projects.

However, with inflation continuing to rise, a tax increase is imminent. Green has asked supervisors to consider small, future increases to prevent larger tax increases that would cause more of a burden to residents. 

“While we strive to continue to meet this accomplishment, the board should consider incrementally increasing the tax levies in the future to ensure funds are keeping up with inflation and price increases,” Green writes in the 2024 preliminary budget. “By increasing taxes incrementally, the board can prevent large increases that would burden most taxpayers in the township.”

The 2024 township budget anticipates receiving $3,999,839.68 in revenues and $4,246,577.68 in expenditures. This does not account for accrued Capital Funds, which will help balance the budget. These rolled-over funds will largely make up the difference and go toward road projects and recreational facility enhancements. 

Road work will be a major expense in 2024, with the township hoping to make improvements to several roads, including Colony Drive. About $420,000 is budgeted for liquid fuel expenses and $500,000 for capital projects. 

One of the largest line items in the budget is Public Works. Total expenses are estimated to be $1.2 million in 2024. This includes equipment rentals, snow removal, construction materials and wages for full and part-time employees. 

Another significant line item is employer-paid benefits. $469,000 is budgeted for health insurance, pension plans, Medicare and social security. Green explained that health insurance has increased by over 10% since last year, a common situation faced by many employers. 

In revenue, the township expects to collect $1.4 million in real estate tax and $1 million in earned income tax. Permits are expected to bring in $225,000, and recreational activities are estimated to bring in $119,000. The township also expects to collect $125,000 in local, state and federal grants. 

A copy of the complete budget is available at eatwp.org. Residents may also request a copy by visiting the municipal office. The Board of Supervisors is expected to approve the preliminary budget during their meeting on Wednesday, December 13 at 7 p.m.   


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