The Nazareth Borough Council met Monday, December 4 with several important resolutions and discussion of the final operating budget.

First, council unanimously approved three resolutions for the borough’s volunteer, employee and veteran of the year.

Jenny Swanker was honored as the borough’s volunteer of the year, Public Works Superintendent Keith Knecht was honored as the borough’s employee of the year and Council President Daniel Chiavaroli was honored as the borough’s veteran of the year.

Upon receiving their Northampton County awards, Knecht was praised for his leadership and guidance by the rest of the Public Works crew, who all came to celebrate his achievement.

During new business, the following public property agenda items were unanimously approved by council: the request of Nazareth Youth Soccer for use of Essroc Fields for the 2024 spring soccer practices, games and clinics from March 20, 2024 through July 1, 2024; the request of Middle School Nazareth Baseball for use of the field in the park from the middle of February through the middle of May 2024; the request of Nazareth Area Youth Baseball & Softball to post two signs in the Circle for their spring 2023 signups from January 1 through February 5; and direction for the borough engineer to draw up specifications for public bid for the epoxy treatment of the firehouse’s floor.

Under finance, council approved a “final” 2024 borough operating budget with a one mill tax increase, with the borough’s real estate tax rate for 2024 being 17 mills, as well as the borough’s budget resolution for 2024 calling for a one mill tax increase and establishing a real estate tax rate of 17 mills for all of 2024. The borough’s updated total real estate tax assessment for all properties as of November 1 is $125,515,000.

Additionally, council approved the following finance items: an ordinance establishing salaries for all borough employees and public officials, and sets a real estate tax rate of 17 mills for 2024 to be known as the Annual Tax and Levy Ordinance; the enrollment of the borough in the State Unemployment Solvency Fund for 2024, which removes the borough’s obligation to pay for layoffs and reduced scheduling unemployment claims from other employers, although the borough is still responsible for its own layoffs and hourly reductions; payment of the final Clifton, Larsen, Allen invoice for non-uniformed pension plan accounting for 2023, with the invoice total being $803.25; and direction to invoice the Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority for their share of the non-uniformed pension plan accounting for 2023, with their 45.5% share this year being $365.48.

Under police items, council unanimously approved the full-time work status for Officer Austin Signarovitz following satisfactory completion of his one-year probationary period.

Next, Mayor Lance E. Colondo provided the monthly police report for November, which included 347 total police activity/calls for service, with 17 crimes reported and investigated, eight criminal arrests made, two drug-related crimes, four Part 1 offenses, 135 traffic citations issued, 96 warnings issued, one reportable traffic accident and 12 non-reportable traffic accidents. Moreover, police officers spent 26 hours in district justice, juvenile and county court, 208 hours were spent on training and 120 hours were spent on FTO training.

Throughout November, Parking Enforcement also had 299 parking enforcement officer violations and 100 officer issued violations for a combined total of 399 parking tickets issued for the month.

In other news, council made a motion to acknowledge receipt of the grant proceeds from the 2022 Northampton County Public Safety Grant in the amount of $6,200 to subsidize the purchase of three Motorola radios for the fire chiefs at a total cost of $12,411.

Under law, council unanimously approved the following motions: to designate Quadrant #3 for rental inspections during 2024 (170 units) and direct the inspectors from Barry Isett Engineering to do the work again; advertisement of a resolution to adjust the borough’s ward boundaries to balance the population in each ward based on the latest U.S. Census with a small section from Wards 1 and 2 being shifted into Ward 3 for balance; and to advertise an ordinance revising the borough’s parking ordinance to establish parking setbacks of 22 feet on each corner of the Belvidere and Whitfield streets intersection.

Next, council unanimously approved a motion directing the secretary to advertise that Christmas trees will be picked up on Thursday, December 28, Thursday, January 5 and Thursday, January 11. The advertisement will also contain information for residents to drop off trees at the Sage Street parking lot at any time.

Last, council unanimously approved the renewal of the borough’s agreement with Genetech for their surveillance camera system at an annual cost of $1,236.

The next Nazareth Borough Council monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 2 in Council Chambers.


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