Nazareth Borough Council met Monday, February 5 to discuss honoring two volunteers for their service to the borough, pool party rates, repairs to the firehouse, the Park Surveillance Camera initiative, rebuilding the engine of a police vehicle, a food distribution event and an increase in expenditures for the proposed new recycling center.

First, council unanimously approved two resolutions honoring Barbara Fischl for her 16 years of volunteer service on the Library Board and Mary Knecht following her volunteer service as a borough representative on the Library Board.

Then, under public property, council unanimously approved the request of Nazareth Junior Blue Eagles Softball for the use of the softball field in the park from the second week of March through the second week of November, the request of Kevin Pulli of Nazareth Middle School Baseball for use of the baseball field in the park from March through the end of May and permission for Holy Family School to place two signs in two locations within the Circle from February 22 through March 25 for their Tricky Tray event.

Council also approved the 2024 pool party rates with only Councilwoman Laureen Pellegrino dissenting the vote. The pool party rates for daytime from 1 to 3 p.m. for 25 people will be $250 and $300 for 50 people. Evening pool party rates from 5:30 to 8 p.m. for 25 people will be $300 and $375 for 50 people. Overages of stated limits will be $3 for each additional person.

Council also unanimously voted to officially open the Nazareth Borough Pool on Saturday, May 25 and remain open May 26 and 27 for Memorial Day weekend. The pool will reopen the following weekend and then open daily from noon to 7 p.m. when school officially ends, pending the announcement of that date by the Nazareth Area School District. The pool will officially close for the season on Monday, September 2.

Next, council unanimously approved the authorization for repairs to the walls of Vigilance Hose Fire Company No. 1 to replace existing panels. The work will be done by the Public Works Department with a cost of materials not to exceed $7,500.

A motion to accept the COSTARS contract with First Responders Flooring to install the epoxy flooring in the firehouse at a cost of $38,480 was also approved in a 5 to 4 vote with Councilpersons Charles A. Donello, Kayla Green, Michael J. Kopach and Laureen Pellegrino voting against the installment contract.

Under finance, council approved a motion to bring in a consultant to review the construct, equipment and details of the Park Surveillance Camera Initiative and provide the borough with suggestions, ideas and a critique of the borough’s current plans and price proposal at a cost not to exceed $250.

In other news, under police, council unanimously approved the hires of two part-time police officers, George Howe and Ryan Smith, following passage of all necessary certifications and required background checks, as well as a food truck permit for Fidelity Bank for a free food distribution event at the Arts Center, located at 30 Belvidere St. with all fees for the permit waived.

Mayor Lance E. Colondo presented the January police report, which included 308 total police activity/calls for service, 23 crimes reported and investigated, 11 criminal arrests, three drug-related crimes, three Part 1 offenses, 99 traffic citations issued, 76 warnings issued, five reportable traffic accidents and eight non-reportable traffic accidents.

Additionally, there were 331 parking enforcement officer violations and 61 officer issued violations, for a total of 392 parking tickets issued for the month and in total, the Borough of Nazareth collected $15,155.77 for accident/police report/right-to-know requests, fees, fines, permits, receipts, tickets and rentals during the month of January.

Following, council approved a motion to authorize a complete engine and transmission rebuild of one of the Ford Police Interceptors at a cost of $10,000 with Councilmen Christopher D. Crook and Carl A. Fischl voting against the expenditure.

Under law, council unanimously approved the advertisement for an ordinance revising the borough’s Parking Ordinance. The new ordinance will establish parking setbacks of 22 feet on each corner of Walnut Street at the Main Street intersection.

Next, council unanimously appointed Becky Bartlett to a one-year term on the Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority as the Upper Nazareth Township representative to fill the unexpired and vacated term of Brian DeMarco.

In another 5 to 4 vote, council approved the additional expenditure of approximately $15,000 to $20,000 for needed final permits and approval of the infiltration basin for the proposed new recycling center on Gracedale Boulevard with Barton & Loguidice completing the necessary work. Dissenting voters included Councilpersons Crook, Green, Kopach and Pellegrino.

Additionally, a motion to advertise for bids following receipt of the bid specs for the ballistic door at the entry of the police department was unanimously approved by council.

The technology/economic development motion to approve the purchase of new surveillance cameras, software and technical support for the Borough Park from Infradapt through Pa. State approved PEPPM cooperative pricing with a cost of purchase and installation, plus needed software being $119,627.33, which includes a $20,000 charge for configuration and an additional $20,000 charge for deployment, was tabled for the Thursday, February 15 special meeting at 5 p.m.

The next Nazareth Borough Council workshop meeting will be held on Thursday, February 29 at 6 p.m. and the next regular monthly meeting will be held on Monday, March 4 at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers. 


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