During the February 13 Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting, supervisors granted preliminary/final land development approval for Stone Ridge Commercial, a commercial property development along Route 329, Savage Road and Horwith Road.

This property, adjacent to the recently approved Wawa development, will feature a fast-food restaurant and retail space. It has been before the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors several times since being introduced in 2022. 

The only concerns voiced by supervisors included sidewalks. The plan proposed sidewalks along the entire frontage of Route 329, Horwith Road and Stonegate Drive. Per the plan, sidewalks would be installed with each development or installed ahead of time at the township’s request. The commercial property would be responsible for maintaining these sidewalks.

Supervisor Dale Hassler wondered whether sidewalks along the western portion of the development would be needed at all. On Horwith Road, an old stormwater ravine would prevent the sidewalks from connecting to Hollow Drive in Northampton. He added that internal sidewalks within the residential neighborhood are safer than the proposed sidewalks on Route 329.

Solicitor Lincoln Treadwell wondered whether the commercial association could take care of the new sidewalks on Savage Road and John Drive as a “trade-off” instead of installing new sidewalks along Route 329 and Horwith Road. Originally, the township was going to be responsible for maintaining these sidewalks. 

While Stone Ridge developers said they would have to vet this proposal with the HOA and Wawa, they believe it is “possible.”

“I am a huge proponent of sidewalks, as you all know, but I think I could get behind this,” said Supervisor Gary Behler. “Especially with indefinite maintenance.”

Supervisors agreed to waive these portions of the sidewalk on the condition that the HOA or Wawa agree to maintain the Savage Road and John Drive sidewalks. Otherwise, sidewalks would be required. 

With this, supervisors approved the plan. 

In addition to approving the commercial property, supervisors also granted preliminary/final approval for Phase 3 of the Stone Ridge major subdivision residential plan, once again waiving the sidewalk requirement along Horwith Road. 

In other news, supervisors approved the motion to solicit bids for three road repaving projects in 2024. As the township works on a four-year paving plan, roads that need immediate improvement, according to Township Manager Ilene Eckhart, include 23rd Street, Kensington Circle and White Circle. 

White Circle, said Eckhart, has had several sinkhole issues. Meanwhile, Kensington Circle has “crack seal upon crack seal.”

The township has budgeted $131,600 for these improvements and plans to use liquid fuel funds. 

In addition to road improvements, supervisors also approved park equipment replacement and upgrades for three township parks: the Savage Road Dog Park, Howertown Park and Kreidersville Covered Bridge Park. This includes shade upgrades, new seating and new tables. Total upgrade costs are estimated to be $127,000. The dog park will also see new gates following complaints of aggressive dogs. These additional gates on each side of the park will help separate dogs and provide an additional entry and exit point. 

With these new upgrades in the works, supervisors and the township have started planning summer park events, including the return of the popular outdoor movie nights. Four movie nights are planned for 2024, scheduled for July, August and October. Two movie nights will be at Howertown Park and two at Kreidersville Covered Bridge Park. 

New this year will be an ice cream or food truck at the event, and the potential for high school clubs to participate by selling food or hosting fundraisers. The township is in contact with local businesses to help sponsor the events and defray costs, which are estimated to be $4,925. The touch-a-truck event with first responders will also return. 

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be Tuesday, February 27 at 6 p.m.


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