gab over the fence

This Saturday is the big holiday of the summer, the 4th of July. No doubt there will be plenty of fireworks displays in the Valley and elsewhere to celebrate. . . .We were lucky around here that we didn’t get all that rain and wind that folks down near Philly and into southern New Jersey got pounded with last Tuesday. It sure made a mess and left thousands of people without electricity for days. They got a lot more rain on Saturday, and we had some too overnight and into the day. Anyhow, it’s not dry now and we’re enjoying the sunlight and no humidity. . . .Ye Ed’s son, Kevin, the northern Lehigh County wildlife conservation officer, took him on a Father’s Day Sunday drive up in the Poconos last week and saw mountains of brown.  Kevin told him that it was dead leaves, where millions of gypsy moths had gotten into the beautiful forests and ate everything in sight.  What a shame!  I guess it must be a cycle again that they’re around and there’s not much that can be done about it by spraying.   He also mentioned that the Game Commission was taking a new approach toward Sunday hunting.  What a coincidence that on Monday, the day after, both topics were highlighted in city newspapers. It’s nice to have up-to-the-minute information ahead of time from your kin. . . . I see the new middle school is opening its doors to students on August 31 and sixth graders will be a part of the enrollment. It’s gonna be a new adventure to all of ‘em as they study in a brand new school. . . . East Allen Township engineer Jim Milot drew a smile from former engineer Jim Birdsall on Thursday, I hear, when he pulled his name plate out of the meeting room closet. . . . Phillies  enjoyed winning two games from the Yankees, but are back to their losing ways, and manager  Ryne Sandberg has resigned. I reckon we could call this rock bottom. . . . When the Moore Township folks went to that IronPigs game a couple weeks ago they were up close and personal with first baseman Darin Ruf. He’s back up with the big club now, though. . . . I hear Bob Weiner, whose father was Steward Weiner, has moved back to Bath. Welcome home. . . .Mary Ann Smith is up and around again after her broken leg healed. No word yet on Betty Fields. . . .The news staff is having open house this Thursday at their new digs. Beer and snacks, too. . . .Willard and Grace Stratz, who used to live up in Moore Township before relocating to Bethlehem, are pulling up stakes and heading down to North Carolina. Stay away from the ocean where those sharks have been biting people of late, Will. . . . Fireworks have replaced the flowers in the tent down at Ahart’s, as they get ready for this weekend. Have a happy and safe 4th of July, gang!


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