gab over the fence

The heat and humidity sure hit hard over the weekend and into Monday.  When the temperatures get up into the high 80’s and almost mid-90’s, that’s HOT, and the humidity makes it ten times worse.  Thank goodness for air conditioners when it’s like that!  . . . .It didn’t stop all those motorcycle riders that came to town on Saturday though. They even said it was a real nice ride they took through the countryside in a benefit for Dream Come True. Hats off to all of ‘em and to the folks that organized such a fine event to help kids that are crippled or have serious diseases! . . . . I saw in last week’s paper that this Saturday the Lehigh Township Athletic Association will have a car show up at Indian Trail  Park in Pennsville. I see that a Boy Scout troop is gonna make peach cobbler for something good to eat while looking over the cars. That’s something Troop 33 here in town used to do when the firefighters had their carnival. . . .Sure enjoyed the peach shortcake with peach ice cream they served up at the Kreidersville church festival on Saturday.  They had a car show, too. You don’t hafta go to Das Awkst Fescht over Macungie way to see antique and classic   cars. . . .The youngsters around here are making good use of their vacation time by going to Bible school and having fun while they’re learning. Theme’s like Mount Everest and Camp Kilimanjaro are making it extra interesting. . . . Haven’t heard how Anna Diehl is making out after her recent fall. Anybody know? . . . .Sweet corn is now on lots of backyard barbecue menus, and there’s plenty to buy around here from veggie stands and at the farmer’s market. Even without salt if you’re diabetic, the butter will do. . . .Don’t look now, but the Phillies have won four in a row. We’ll see what happens before trading time. . . . John and Ed enjoy meeting their friends in Bath when they come over here for breakfast at the Town & Country. . . .Next Friday is the Great Bath Duck Race down along the Monocacy Creek. Carol Heckman is looking for plenty of people to buy tickets for their favorite rubber duck floating down the creek.  Get ‘em over at the farmer’s market or on creekside the day of the race. . . .Blue Moo has taken over the former Shut the Door up in Klecknersville, but I also saw a sign saying Future Site of the Blue Moo up along Bushkill Center Road in Bushkill Township. Maybe two locations? . . . .Good news. There’s a cold front coming that will clear out the humidity with lower temperatures. Iced tea has kept me going, but humidity is a drag.  Stay cool if you can, gang. See ya!


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