gab over the fence

What a marvelous way to end the summer months! The weather has been great all this week, except for some rain Monday night, and everyone could enjoy it to its fullest before the start of school and the Labor Day holiday. Yep, school starts next Monday, August 31 and Labor Day won’t be until September 7. So enjoy whatever time you have off! . . . . This weekend is the 250th anniversary celebration for Moore Township, and if the weather holds and the sun is shining, the folks up there should have a great time for all the things that the historical commission has planned for them. . . . There were lots of hugs going around down at the T&C last Thursday morning when Pastor Fran and her Mom came for breakfast with the church group, who she served for nine years. Glad to see her! . . . . So the Phillies finally traded that Chase Utley. And to the Dodgers where he can play with Jimmy Rollins again! Looks like we’re down to just two Phillies left from the 2008 World Series title team. Hard to believe. The Phillies have been playing great since the All-Star Game, but they ran into the bombarding New York Mets, the first place Mets, who had two 14-9 games last week in Colorado, and an 18-7 homer barrage against the Phils on Monday. Phillies led 7-2 before they started hitting eight home runs. Wow! . . . . I see PennEast may be running their natural gas pipeline into Lehigh Township, making it possible that the Blue Mountain Resort can have a huge water park like the one that just opened this summer up in the Poconos. Lehigh Township could have gas service from UGI if it all works out.  We’ll see. Seems like there’s less resistance to the pipeline around here now, but it’s heating up down in New Jersey.  As I get it, PennEast wants to file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by the middle of September.  As I said earlier, we’ll see what happens. . . .I wonder if Bob Kucsan is gonna attend the Cigars International open house come next Tuesday over in Bethlehem?  He’s a cigar aficionado. . . .Bath Lions Football people are collecting used clothing and lots of other items down at Ciff Cowling Field four days this week, and again Sept. 7, 8 and 10, from 6 to 8 o’clock and Sept. 20 from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. Hafta see what’s in the closet we’re not wearing anymore, Elmira. . . .Have a great year in school, kids, and study hard.


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