gab over the fence

There was an awful lot of walking to do, but it was worth it to see all that they had up in Moore Township for their 250th anniversary celebration. I took a break when the buses came around for the tours. At least I could sit for a while between stops. Boy, we have a lot of history up there, more than you realize, when you’re growing up in it. And I reckon that goes for plenty of other places around here. That’s why it’s good to have anniversaries and historical house tours once in a while, so you can see right up close and personal what we have around here.  Hats off to the historical commission and to Dick Gable for making it all possible. They deserve a big pat on the back, and maybe a toast of wine. . . . Elmira made all the rounds of the crafters’ tents, and I could barely keep up with her. . . .One tent was taking orders for those Turn Bath Pink doughnuts that will be made for the October celebration in town. They’re just taking orders now. I saw they had a notice in last week’s paper about it, too. . . . I was so tired from the weekend that I didn’t get up early enough to see the kids head off to school. I reckon they made it all right though. They didn’t need me to cheer ‘em on. . . . Kyle Grube and his Masons had a real nice clambake last month, and I hear Marty Fella, Wayne Mery and John Vitushinsky did their part to make it big for the Northampton Exchange in mid-August, too.  The late P.A.K. from Bath, Pa. got me started on that binge. . . . I hear Kathy Dieter’s mom, Daisy Iasiello, passed away the day before the Moore Township anniversary at the age of 99. My sympathies to Tom, Kathy and family. . . .  This is the last month to get fresh from the farm produce down at the market on Green Street.  They’ve had lots of vendors this year. It’s amazing how nice the park looks the day after people shop at all the stands. We can be proud of our parks. . . . Some kin of Ye Ed’s just came back from a vacation down in South Carolina and couldn’t get over how big a watermelon they had. All kinds of measurements were made and pictures taken. . . .  Didn’t check with Jennifer of the T&C if they grow ‘em all that big down there. . . .Maybe I’ll ask Marty Beal . . . .Mets fans are drooling right about now as they start another series with the Phillies.  . . .That was an exciting game that a Pennsylvania team played against Japan in the Little League World Series. They really gave it a battle all the way to the end. . . .Eagles seem to be doing great. Gotta stay healthy though. I’m thinking Chip should keep those starters off the field in that last exhib. game. We’ll see then when they start the regular season with the Atlanta Falcons. . . .Pardon me. It’s nap time . . .  zzzzzz.


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