dr. clearie

by Dr. Clearie

Ever wonder if your body is riddled with heavy metals that are disrupting your hormones, body chemistries and directly affecting your mood, weight and overall health; maybe even your longevity? My bet is this is something that interests you.

Ever wonder what minerals you really need?  I am not asking what supplements vitamin companies say you need. I am asking what does your specific body, given your age, gender, weight, and current health status, really need? Do you know? You should. I do.

To obtain many of the answers to poor health, you can easily turn your attention to your hair. You may be surprised at what your hair has to say. It is fairly common practice and affordable to have your hair analyzed in a lab. The key is to take hair that is near the base of the skull that hasn’t been colored. If an individual often colors their hair, a sample is then taken from other areas, namely pubic.

Once a sample of hair is obtained it is sent to a lab for analysis. Within a week or two, the report demonstrates whether or not you have excess heavy metals. I routinely test for the most common seventeen dangerous metals that can afflict long-term health, such as aluminum, lead, cadmium, and mercury to name a few.

In addition to metals, this same hair analysis will reveal which minerals you may be completely deficient in or may have excess of. For example, a deficiency of lithium and then subsequent supplementation with this inexpensive over-the-counter supplement may assist in mood enhancement. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? In addition, since we have such an epidemic of thyroid problems it would be wise to know how much selenium your body has, as selenium is needed for proper production of thyroid hormones.

On the other hand, having too much copper or iron can negatively affect your health. Some feel that a high aluminum, combined with excess iron and copper can lead to Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Dr. Neal Barnard MD, from George Washington University School of Medicine stated, “These metals are like free radicals which are like little sparks that damage brain cells.” Wouldn’t you like to know what your status is NOW, so you and your loved ones do not suffer later?

Simply put, hair analysis yields much information. I have often wondered why a yearly physical wouldn’t include hair analysis. It seems absurd not to know the foundational factors within your body. In fact, routine blood work, hair analysis, saliva test, urinalysis, and stool sample would be what I consider to be a well thought out plan to assess, analyze and then maintain overall health.


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