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by Dr. Clearie

In part one I stated that “Life is in the blood and most health problems and diseases will show up in the blood long before symptoms are noticed, before you feel bad.” I also discussed that “normal and accepted” blood ranges can have such a discrepancy that the real focus shouldn’t be on the acceptable clinic range. Instead you should desire to have your blood levels within a much narrower “healthy” range. For example, if the normal range for vitamin D is 30 to 100 I don’t think you would like to be at 31. More like 60 or 70 would be a healthier level based upon what we know today. When we analyze blood in this way we have a greater chance of staying healthy and minimizing the manifestation of disease. This is what I call true prevention. A mammogram isn’t prevention, it is detection. The problems begin long before we see it on a mammogram. Looking at your blood for the CA 27.29 tumor marker range tells me what might be brewing long before breast issues arise.

It is important that you understand this distinction between waiting for a small problem to manifest into something horrible or catching something early, addressing the cause, and living a life full of optimum health, vigor and vitality.

Treating these early warning signs are often much easier to resolve. It is like putting out a fire when it is just beginning to smoke versus waiting until the problem is a raging fire. Just about anyone can tell when there is a raging forest fire or a problem that is causing a lot of damage with the need for expensive crises care, maybe hospitalization, drugs and prolonged recovery.

Crises care is what our current medical system is excellent at. This is when conditions are ignored and diseases are not caught until they are advanced or you have a fall or bad auto accident, and then go to the emergency room. Many regular medical doctors are great at getting people out of a crisis but are not trained, or are poorly trained, on how to restore health, avoid disease, and get patients off of medication and use natural safe alternatives and remedies. The fortunate thing about modern health care is that there are natural alternatives that can make most drugs unnecessary.

Clearly, I would rather treat someone and deal with the effects of high blood pressure drugs than deal with the effects of a stroke or heart attack. Our goal is to get our patients as healthy as they were before they needed the drug.  If you are 50 years old and have been on a drug, like a blood pressure prescription, for five years, all we have to do is get you as healthy as you were five years ago, before you needed that drug. Something is different, why are you sick now? This is why we do extensive testing of the blood and hair and other more extensive testing to seek out “why.”

Comprehensive testing is key to identify serious and developing problems, develop natural therapy and vitamin recommendations and then follow up testing to determine effectiveness of treatment. Taking vitamins without blood, hair, and other objective testing is really just guessing. The nice thing about natural care and taking vitamins is that guessing and taking vitamins generally won’t make a problem worse and the side effects of vitamins, minerals, and most herbs is insignificant. But there may be an underlying condition that is being missed, which is why at our healing center we usually have very good results treating patients with a wide range of conditions, including MS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, menopausal symptoms, diabetes, cancers, and even some very rare conditions. The focus is not the disease; it’s assisting the body to work the best it can.

Regardless of the disease, the goal at our clinic, as it should be for all health care providers including medical doctors, is to restore health. As health is restored, then symptoms and disease will improve and most likely in time, even disappear.


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