gab over the fence

The hustle and bustle are just about over. Only about six more shopping days until Christmas. Then we can go to church on Christmas Eve, and settle in for a wonderful  Christmas Day.  No snow yet (cross your fingers), but that’s okay. Wait till January, that’s time enough. We’ll get our share then, no doubt. . . .  Saw in last week’s paper that there are lots of Christmas goings on down along South Chestnut Street, where there have been a number of really nice shops opening up.  Oughta try ‘em out, and enjoy the fun! . . . . Too bad Ye Ed didn’t have his camera on Sunday, because I hear all the little ones in the nursery department came up to the sanctuary in the U.C.C. church and lit the Joy candle, one of the five that are symbolic of the Advent season. I hear there were a lot of folks taking pictures with those new fangled camera phones. Maybe they’ll send one in to the paper. . . .The Chamber of Commerce over in Northampton is gonna show the movie classic, “Miracle on 34th Street,” this Thursday the 17th at the Roxy Theatre. I reckon I’ll see that then head straight to Star Wars . . . I’m told that Joe and “Rusty” Herd are enjoying life over at Moravian Hall Square. Merry Christmas, folks! . . . .The Eagles won another game on a field goal, but they’ll have a tough time Sunday with the Arizona Cardinals.  Washington and New York Giants also won, so it’s all up for grabs in the NFL eastern division, with a three-way tie for first place. . . .I hear “Sip” has recovered really good from his illness, and is getting around all right, but isn’t behind the bar at the Bath Legion as yet. . . .I hear tell that Santa is coming to Ahart’s, but I didn’t get the date. . . .Folks with kin up in Alaska say that the salmon that run up there in the Northwest taste better than Atlantic salmon. I prefer stripers and cod myself, but it’s matter of taste, I reckon. . . . It may have been warmer this week, but not enough for Ye Ed to wear his South Carolina T-shirt for the sake of Jennifer. . . . Ever hear of Bath Auto Parts with a big numbered address along the Bethlehem-Bath pike?  Joe Milisits is wondering where it is. . . . Tom and Mrs. Zeitner are back from a seven-day trip to Florida, but with only three days in the Sunshine State. . . .Did you have your luminarias lit on Saturday night? It’s a way of remembering those who were lost to cancer. . . .If I don’t see you before Christmas, have a Merry Christmas! And even if I do, Mer-r-ry Christmas!


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