Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

I’m happy to say the weather folks were wrong this time. Their forecast for three to six inches of snow on the first day of spring turned out flatter than a pancake. It was briefly snowing in some spots but that was it. Sure, it was cold, but it didn’t matter. Spring is here. Now I hope they’re right when they say it’s gonna be nice and warm later this week, and even nice on Easter Sunday. . . . I saw in a letter to the paper that a man from Alabama found an Army diary when he visited an antique store in Marietta, Georgia, and he listed all the names as Relph.  It wondered me.  I’ve heard the name Reph many times, but never Relph.  Whatever the case, I hope the diary reaches the right people in Danielsville or Bethlehem, or wherever it belongs. . . . By the way, Ye Ed’s oldest daughter lives in Marietta. Maybe she can check it out. . . .He also told me that the district Lions are gonna put together all the old  eyeglasses they can collect and send them off for recycling. They’re gonna have a convention over Allentown way on April 2 and he’d appreciate it if all you folks can put your old glasses in the blue barrel down at Ahart’s this weekend or early next week, so he can turn ‘em in for the Bath Lions Club. . . .Speaking of Ahart’s, there was another big crowd of kids down there for the egg hunt on Saturday. Folks were bundled up for the chill in the air, but had a great time as usual. The field was covered with eggs, and in 15  seconds or less, the grass was bare. The kids picked ‘em all up!! . . .Sorry to say I didn’t win a ham in any of the events last weekend.  I reckon Elmira expected it, ‘cause she bought one ahead of time. . . .Wonder what that Martinis & Manicures is all about down at the Red Wolf??   Even includes a cigar and bourbon tastings! It’s gonna happen on Thursday night, April 7th. Must be a Chamber of Commerce event with member and future member fees.  Hm-m-m, maybe I oughta look into it. . . .I hear Marty Beal  and Bob Meixsell  and a couple other guys are back from a 700-mile snowmobile trip along deep, snowy trails up in Ontario, Canada, and had the time of their lives. . . .Herb Silfies had a successful heart valve procedure and came home, but fell out of bed and is back in the hospital. Hope you’re okay now, Herb. The gang’s waiting to see you back in the hearts game. Tom has the cuss jar ready, too. . . .Looks like there may be some good things on the horizon for 512 (ps-s-st, resurfacing?). Road crews have been working lately, and private side roads are getting red signs. . . . Hats aren’t as in fashion as they usta be, but if you have a bonnet, put it on, gals, for the Easter parade to church services.  Happy Easter, everybody!!!


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