Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

We’re getting more April weather all week, even though we’re into the first week of May.  But, the ground does need the rain, so just grin and bear the cloudy, cool weather. The sun will come out. I promise. . . . The combination oughta help out the plants and flowers that the Governor Wolf Historical Society wants to show off next Friday and Saturday, May 13 and 14  for their Country Garden Faire down at the Wolf Academy and Ralston-McKeen House, and in the Governor’s Grove, where all those flowers, vegetable plants and herbs will be growing.   I hear they’re gonna have re-enactors from the Civil War Pa. Volunteers, too, along with some fun for the kids.  They do a great job, making history come alive, so Elmira and Pete will be taking it all in. I hope you do, too. . . .There must have been an accident up along the Bath-Chapman road on Monday. I hear there were a couple Bethlehem Township ambulances coming down from there, and the road was blocked off by fire police at the hilly road that leads up to the Southmoore Golf Course. . . . There must have been another accident about midnight Monday ‘cause the lights flickered, then went out completely about five or six minutes later and stayed off for a couple hours. I was burning the midnight oil. Lucky I had a mini flashlight handy ‘cause it was pitch black! . . . .The rain we’ve been getting hasn’t amounted to much, so Moore Township has their signs up that read “Burn Ban In Effect.” They should probably stay up for a while ‘cause we’re down two or three inches in rain. What we’ve had has stalled the paving work on 512. . . .I reckon a little rain fell on the Phillies, too, ‘cause after winning six games in a row against Washington and Cleveland, they ran into a homer barrage out St. Louis way, started by none other than pitcher Wainwright. It was a big blow to Betty and Gigi, that’s for sure. . . . With all the TV coverage the presidential primary has been getting, it sure has been whacky on both sides.  Only a few months more of this, and we’ll see what happens in the end at the conventions in Philly and Cleveland. . . .Gas prices keep going up and up again, and are at $2.33 the last I looked. . . .Most of the snow birds have returned to their homes in the North, finding the air cooler than expected. There were some big storms, even a tornado around Atlanta on Monday. . . .I hear Herb Silfies might miss the rest of the hearts season, ‘cause he has a few more weeks to recover from his illnesses, and Warren Henning says it ends around May 25. Joe Abraham may still be down Florida way, playing golf . . . .Elmira had a pot of home-made vegetable soup on the stove. Nothing better than hot soup on a dreary day.  Take care and don’t let the bedbugs bite.


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