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by Dr. Clearie

When did our planet start spinning so fast? Has anyone contemplated where we are at and where exactly we are supposed to be heading? I ask this not only of our country but the world also. I understand that there is a revving up of political rhetoric these days, yet this is only a small part of the issue.

I agree that technological advances are fantastic, but have they truly made us any better off? My guess is yes, no and maybe. They are all correct answers. I may be showing my age here but I almost wish we could go back to a time before cell phones and the Internet. Do we really need instant access to everyone at all times? How am I supposed to hide from my wife?

Furthermore, why are we watching shows about somebody else’s life and family while barely having time for or neglecting our own? Reality isn’t reality anymore.

From a health perspective the pace is a bit frenzied as well. This effort to coordinate all information and patient care hasn’t made life any easier, for the doctors or the patients.

Understanding that none of us are immune to falling into the busy trap, I will share that I have gotten caught up in the busyness of life, both personally and professionally. At some point we all need to take stock of what we are actually doing with the extremely brief time we live here on earth.

For quite some time now I have been following through on my intentional decision to simplify, to reduce, to slow down the pace. Clearly, I cannot slow down the pace of anyone or anything else but I can slow down myself. The results have been staggering; life changing.

To start my transition I decided to commit to exercises that help me along my way. This may sound odd to you but practicing slowing down is a must for a positive outcome.

To begin with, I decided that I will now only drive in the slow lane on the highways for a while. Think this is easy? It isn’t. I have places to go and people to see. Try this yourself. It’s hard at first, but then you realize how much more relaxed you become.

As far as nutrition, I realized I was gobbling my food. Lunch was usually while standing or multi- tasking. Not anymore. Speaking of food, I now look for the longest line at the grocery store and enter that line. Strange? Not really. Gives me time to breath, to think, and to relax my body and mind.

I have many others I could share, yet this week’s article must come to an end. My hope is you begin to reflect on areas of your life that may be spinning way too fast and see that time is clearly  the most precious thing we have. As we get older, time is even more precious. Do not look back with regret. Do not allow life to rush by.

Natural Perspectives™ is a health commentary only and does not claim to diagnose and /or make treatment recommendations. Always seek the advice of your health care professional.


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