Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

A thunderstorm Saturday night cut into some of the evening festivities in Bath, Moorestown and Northampton, but folks took cover and made their stay good.  The fireworks went on as scheduled over at the Community Days Fair, and people played Bingo with the Lions as they took cover under one of the pavilions.  The 36th annual picnic finished up Sunday night with a big crowd after a nice, sunny day.  Kenny Boyce  did a nice job announcing all the things that were going on . . . .Yes, P.A.K. from Bath, P.A., the clams were good. Chick Liberto is back on track after his operation and enjoyed the picnic with his wife. . . .Newcomers to the area might not know about it, but Saturday, July 9th was an anniversary for Bath.  We had a cloudburst that night and a big flood downtown that left a little boy drowned.  That was back in 1945, a sad day in Bath’s history. . . . Enjoyed Ed Pany’s cement worker article last week, the part that made it, that is.  Seems the continuation didn’t. With Ed recovering from an operation, I’m sure he’ll be happy to find the rest of the article in this week’s paper . . . .Irene Urban and some other relatives and friends helped celebrate Paul Csencsits’ 86th birthday at a breakfast in Paulie’s Restaurant over Coplay way the other day. He loved that cake with strawberries and whipped cream icing. . . . Phillies finished with a split in four games at the Colorado Rockies, so it was pretty satisfying to complete the first half with a win before the All-Star Game.  After that, it’s the Mets and Marlins . . . .  Loads of motorcycles will be heading over to the Bath Fire Social Hall this Saturday for the annual ride to benefit Dream Come True. They’ve been doing it for 11 years now and it makes Jim Pasquariello mighty proud at the turnout of bikers. . . . Salem UCC has had its fruit festivals in their grove, now Zion UCC over by Kreidersville is gonna have a peach festival this Saturday. Always enjoy the pies and ice cream sundaes that come out of those fruit festivals. They’re gonna have an antique car and tractor show besides the good eats. . . . Turn-In is up and running again under new ownership. . . . Hearts gang at the Legion is on a once a month schedule for the summer and will return to action next Wednesday, July 20. Right, Harvey? . . . .You know, vacations are a wonderful thing. A time to relax, play games, and maybe even sleep later in the morning. Only thing is, when it’s time to go home from the shore or the mountains you’re faced with going back to work, and getting up at four or five in the morning to get there in time.  It’s tough then, getting back in the routine, and having to get up early so that you’re drowsy all day.  But heck, just to have four or five days to get out of that work routine is worth it, I reckon.  So, go have fun and enjoy your vacation, gang.  You’ve earned it!


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