A book authored by the Moore Township Historical Commission, about the rich history of the Edelman School, has been printed and is now for sale.

At the commission’s monthly meeting on Wednesday, June 28, Township Supervisor Richard Gable announced that several copies of the book, which contains brand new information about the last remaining one-room schoolhouse in the township, have already been sold.

The book is the result of much hard work and research by the commission, whose members are working to repair the one-room school building and add it to the Register of Historic Places.

In the new book, township residents can learn all about the school, its teachers and students, and its century of history. Photos of the school will give residents a peek at what it looked like when students of all ages came from around the township to learn their reading, writing, and arithmetic.

The book is for sale at various township businesses. It can also be purchased from members of the historical commission and will be for sale at Community Day on August 26. The cost is $10.


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