It was announced during the Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, April 10 that FedEx Ground is planning to start operations in its Willowbrook Road facility around late May and early June. Supervisors described the move as a “soft opening.”

This time period will be dedicated to employee training. About 225 employees will be onsite, which is less than the current amount of tradesmen currently working on the property.

This “soft opening” is on schedule with FedEx’s plans to obtain a certificate of occupancy and begin truck deliveries later this summer. FedEx hopes to commence full operations in September.

However, some supervisors expressed concern about this fast-moving project. Supervisor Gary Behler did not believe roads are ready to handle such an influx of volume.

“No trucks should be allowed until all road improvements are made,” he said.

Improvements are slated for Race Street, Willowbrook Road, and Airport Road. These improvements must be finished by September. However, Behler said the increase in truck traffic from FedEx will make these improvements even harder to complete.

Township solicitor B. Lincoln Treadwell, Jr. explained the agreement between FedEx and the township states FedEx can begin occupancy when the road improvements “necessary” for its opening are complete. PennDOT also made this agreement.

Treadwell warned that denying occupancy to FedEx because not all improvements have been made can land the township in legal trouble.

“I do not want to see this township paying for the project if we deny occupancy,” said Supervisor Dale Hassler.

“We would be paying for it in other ways,” countered Behler.

Other Allen Township news:

Also during the April 10 meeting, Christine Mildner of Barry Isett & Associates gave supervisors a presentation on MS4 requirements. The township is entering a new cycle of its MS4 Pollution Reduction Plan. The renewal application is due in September.

Mildner explained that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection wants to make sure all townships know where waste is coming from, what is happening to it, and where it goes.

Studies indicate that Allen Township has 108 tons of sediment it must reduce in its storm water systems. While the township has already started best management practices (or BMPs) with naturalized basins along Savage Road and other retention ponds, there is more it must do.

Mildner says her team has identified township and county properties in drainage areas and is looking at ways BMPs and reduction plans can be implemented.

The next Allen Township Board of Supervisors Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 24.


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