Allen Township supervisors discussed traffic safety plans for the future Route 329 construction project during their May 8 general meeting. They broached the idea of temporary “No Through Traffic” signs at Drexel Drive, Debbie Road, and Oak Lane, as well as temporary stop sign removal at Short Lane and Atlas Road. These proposed measures are intended to “keep people from being frustrated” during this summer’s Route 329 construction project funded by The Rockefeller Group. Construction and detours will begin this June and last for roughly three months.

In addition to the new signs, supervisors also talked about possible speed bumps along the local roads to keep speeds down. However, residents and some supervisors were not keen on adding temporary speed bumps to such commonly-traveled neighborhood routes.

“[Speed bumps] affect people who live on the street every day,” said Supervisor Gary Behler.

Supervisors also discussed the possibility of adding a “No Outlet” or “Local Traffic Only” sign to Oak Lane.

“You cannot hurt yourself by trying,” said Supervisor Larry Oberly.

Temporary traffic signals will also be installed at Weaversville and Atlas Roads, as well as Weaversville and Savage Roads.

A public information session discussing the construction project and detours will be held on Thursday, May 24 at 6 p.m. at the Allen Township Fire Company Building. This will be a time for residents to ask questions and give their input on the traffic safety measures they would prefer.


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