The Allen Township Planning Commission discussed several proposed changes to the township’s official zoning map. The biggest point of discussion was whether or not the land where the proposed Jaindl warehouse development will be built should change from industrial commercial to rural. Township solicitor B. Lincoln Treadwell, Jr. warned against such a change.

Jaindl has already made a proposal for the property as it is currently zoned, he said. To change the zoning would open it up for appeal. If the appeal is upheld, then the proposed warehouse would become “nonconforming.”

“I cannot tell you what the ramifications of that are,” said Treadwell.

Treadwell warned that the warehouse could potentially get bigger if it becomes “nonconforming.”

“The problems will be greater if we change it than if we leave it,” agreed Eugene Clater, planning commission chairman.

As a result, the commission motioned to recommend to the Board of Supervisors that the zone be kept industrial commercial. However, if the warehouse does not go through, something commissioners forewarned was “slim,” the commission can change the zone to rural at a later date.

Other changes include the zoning of a former township quarry and its frontage on Savage Road. Part of the zone, to the old Atlas Road, will be changed from industrial to neighborhood commercial. The rest of the area will be changed to residential.

In addition to such zoning map changes, the planning commission also motioned to recommend supervisors adopt ordinances that eliminate single family cluster development and increase the minimum lot size from one acre to two. A public hearing will be held on June 12.


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